My Favorite Bras (Everyday and Sports Bras)

my favorite everyday bra and favorite sports bras

I frequently get asked about my favorite bras, so here’s a breakdown on my favorites and why I love each of them. 


Do you have a favorite bra? Right now some of my favorites are on sale, so I wanted to break down why I like each one and what tops they go with, and sizing info. Read up if you’re in the market for a new bra!


My Favorite Bras (everyday and sports bras)

1. Natori Rose Dream Custom Coverage Underwire Bra. I have worn this bra literally everyday for the last 2 years since I bought my first one. Now I own many. They’re so comfortable and supportive without digging into your ribs. There’s no “ahhhh” feeling when you take them off at night because they’re so comfy already!! They come in a few colors and they’re on sale right now. I rarely see the nude color on sale throughout the rest of the year, so if you’re looking for a good nude bra, now is the time to grab it.

Note: I never wear white bras for everyday anymore. A nude bra is my absolute go-to for any top, especially under a white tee. I promise, it’s invisible! 


2. Natori Dynamic Contour Underwire Sports Bra. This is my very favorite sports bra. It’s so comfortable and supportive. The thick straps don’t dig into your shoulders, and the clasp in the back makes it easy to remove after a sweaty workout (rather than pulling over your head). It also has an underwire, but don’t let that deter you…it’s very supportive, but doesn’t dig into your ribs AT ALL.  It’s expensive, but on sale right now during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (through August 4). I haven’t seen it on sale any other time throughout the year, so grab it now while it’s on sale.


3. Calia Go All Out Bra. I’ve had this bra for like 5 years and it’s still holding up after all this time! It’s not on sale (except in a few select sizes), but it’s more affordable than the other two when they’re not on sale, and also very, very comfortable. Before I had the above mentioned Natori Sports Bra, this was my favorite bra because the clasp in the back make it so easy to take off after a sweaty workout. It doesn’t have boning underwire, but it does have a thick seam that gives you good support and keeps it very comfortable. You can grab it RIGHT HERE.




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