My Essential Accessories and Products for Running

This past year I took up running. I was really super slow at first, and couldn’t run more than a couple of blocks without feeling like my lungs would explode.

But I’ve consistently run three days a week for over ten months, and today I want to share five essential products/accessories that make running a little more enjoyable for me.

my top five running essentials

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Here are my top five essentials for running.

1. An Apple Watch.

I wear my Apple Watch about 23 hours a day. I wear it when I sleep to track my sleep, I wear it when I exercise, and I wear it throughout the day to keep track of a bunch of other things. I wrote a whole post about my watch RIGHT HERE.

I love wearing it when I run because it tracks my mileage, heart rate, pace, calories burned, etc.

Mine came with the light pink athletic band, and I wear that for sleeping and exercising. But during the day I switch out the band for my BROWN LEATHER BAND that I bought on Amazon.

2. A Running Belt.

I found this RUNNING BELT for ten bucks on Amazon a few months ago and I use it every time I run. It holds a key and my phone, it’s lightweight and flat, and it doesn’t bump around at all as I run. So many of you have messaged me and told me that you bought it and love it too, so it gets rave reviews all around.

3. Nike FlyKnit Running Shoes

If we’re being honest, I know very little about running shoes. But I got this NIKE FLYKNIT pair last year and instantly fell in love with them. They’re SO lightweight, very flexible, have great support, and the upper is made of a stretchy knit material so it’s almost like wearing socks. I wear them for my at home circuit training, and also for running. They’re fully in stock RIGHT HERE!

4. Earbuds

Earbuds that have good sound AND stay in your ears while you’re running is tricky. I got these ones from Plantronics almost a year ago and love, love, love them. They’re comfortable, they don’t fall out, and they’re really small. Also the battery life is very long. I only charge them every week or two, and I’m using them for at least thirty minutes every day.

5. Pre-workout Powder

This is a little packet of energy powder that you take like a pixie stick before working out. I take one every morning about 10 minutes before I start my workout and it gives me a burst of energy so I can push myself super hard in my workout. I only do a 30 minute workout every day, so I try to make every bit count. You can buy them RIGHT HERE.


If you have any other running essentials I should know about, let me know!!

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  1. Erin says:

    Great list! Love my apple watch for running. I wOuld suggest that if someone is just starting out running to go to a running store To get fitted for Running shoes. Everyone’s needs Are different and What works on one person isn’t necessarily best for another.

  2. Veronika says:

    Thank you for your advice. I also use fitness trackers which I read about on the website . It perfectly helps to follow the rhythm of your breath and heart, to understand or not to overload your body while running.
    In General, you are right, all you need for running is music in your ears, comfortable sneakers and a fitness tracker!

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