This week I have the amazing opportunity to be over in Amsterdam for an exciting work trip. My wonderful mama tagged along with me, and needless to say we’re having a total blast. You can follow along on our day to day adventures on my instagram, but with all these trips lately, I have travel style on the brain. For those long flights (hopefully none of you have one longer than my 11 hour flight), it’s important for me to be comfortable, but also not look like a hot mess. So I’ve rounded up a few travel day essentials that are total steals.

Mid Week Steals: Travel Style

A pretty, but thick and cozy cardigan can double as a blanket or pillow, oversized sunglasses and a headwrap hide tired eyes and messy hair, comfy flats are easy to slip on and off at the airport, and a big bag is great for carrying a bottle of water, snacks, a book, a little makeup bag for touch-ups, and probably an eye mask. I also picked up this little polka dot zipping coin wallet at Target the other day. I normally carry a gigantic wallet, so this is the perfect size for carrying only the important items, including my passport!

Bon Voyage!


  1. sushi.latte says:

    I bought that exact same wallet at Target for my trip to Germany in April. I love it so much I've continued to use it.

  2. Sara Miller says:

    LOVE that Steve Madden bag! So cute!

    Style for the Seasons

  3. Laura Herder says:

    I love that sunglasses!

    ¡Estamos de SORTEO con Arkopharma!

  4. Juls says:

    Love the big cardigan! I have so many, they take up a lot of space in my closet since they're basically the size of a throw.

    Juls Out of Nowhere

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