Merrick’s Christmas Wishlist (+ Inspiration for Yours)

9 things on my Christmas wishlist this year that I’d be excited to see under the tree on Christmas morning.

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What do I want for Christmas? I thought you’d never ask. My Christmas wishlist has nine things on it, and I’d love for a few of them to show up under the tree this year.


My Christmas wishlist is one of the most requested lists all year

Every year you guys ask for me to share my personal Christmas wishlist, and somehow it never happens. But this year, with all the madness from Gift Guide week, it might as well happen!

So today I’m sharing 9 things that are on my holiday wishlist. I’d love for a few of them to show up under the Christmas tree this year!

Holiday Wishlist Gift Guide

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    • I own a pair of tall Hunter rain boots, but with all the rain we get in Dallas, I’m having to use them quite often. I’d love a pair of short rain boots that are water proof but easier to wear around all day. Hunter boots are cute but clunky.
    • I used to listen to audiobooks all the time, and then I got into podcasts and forgot about audiobooks. There are lots of great books I want to read, but my library’s Overdrive doesn’t have them, so I’m ready to jump into the Audible world.
    • These razors have been going nuts on social media – everyone seems to be trying them and raving about them. I mostly love that they have a magnetic holder so my razor doesn’t have to sit on the side of the shower.
    • I own a set of white plates and a set of red plates (a hand-me-down from my mom) and that’s it. I’d love to add some beautiful, unique plates to my collection. Not everyday plates, but ones that I can bring out for special occasions. I’m not even sure which ones I want, but Anthropologie has some gorgeous ones.
    • A ton of you recommend to me on instagram to go to a local running store and get fitted for the right shoe for me. I still haven’t done it, so I’m hoping for Christmas I can get myself in and gift myself some nice running shoes.
    • I’ve wanted this GloPro for over a year now — it’s a microneedling tool that helps your skin to rejuvenate and look more youthful. I’ve tried other products from BeautyBio and have been really impressed so I’m really excited to try it.
    • Is it too much to ask for a shopping spree to the container store? It was there that I discovered OXO containers. They’re airtight containers with a pop lid (you can also find them at Costco and on Amazon). They look pretty and they’re super durable!
    • My best friend, Leanne, mentioned this iphone keyboard a few months ago and instantly I wanted it. It’s a thin, collapsible keyboard that attaches to your phone so you can type like normal on your phone. It’s a miracle!
    • To be honest, I’m not positive that this link is the thing I’m thinking of. I want a large computer monitor on my desk that I can connect to my laptop and work on a bigger screen. If you have any recommendations on this, let me know!!


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  1. Ruth dowling says:

    My husband just bought a smaller tv and uses that as his extra monitor! Way cheaper! Love the gift guides

  2. Cynthia says:

    I second the TV comment, you can also just use any monitor that is affordable and buy a laptop dock to connect your laptop directly to the monitor, as well as attach a mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. to the dock itself. Makes it much easier than trying to connect all the individual cables to your laptop each time!

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