Little Red Fit and Flare Dress with Double Neckline Bows (Sewing Pattern)

double bow neckline dress DIY

This red fit and flare Christmas dress is a fairly basic sewing tutorial with a little unexpected twist in the front with the black ties. Go make yourself one for Christmas this year too!

Outfit Details:
red dress made by me (fabric HERE, similar dress HERE)
red coat (wearing size XS)
Manolo Blahnik black heels (more affordable version here)
red lip color in “real red”

Ready for a Christmas dress sewing tutorial?

It’s tradition for me to make myself a dress for both Easter and Christmas every year. This year I was feeling a little uninspired, and then had the idea to do a double bow neckline.

I’ve seen lots of bows this season, and this style seemed like something fun and unexpected.

I had planned to do a dark green fabric, but when I went out fabric shopping I couldn’t find any green fabric that I liked. I scoured the aisles looking for something better, and after my third time around I found this gorgeous EMBOSSED VELVET FABRIC.

the perfect red dress for Christmas
obsessed with this red dress for christmas. Learn how to make one here!
monochromatic red outfit
beautiful red dress with red coat
red dress with black neckline bows

This embossed velvet fabric was so perfect for this little red dress

I hadn’t planned to do red, but this fabric was too perfect to pass up.

It has a two way stretch, and it’s a nice medium weight so it’s not see-through and won’t fray on the edges. But it would also be so pretty in any other color of fabric — navy, deep green, burgundy, black, cream, pink…anything!

Today I’m excited to share a sewing tutorial for this dress — hurry you have a week and a half to make one for yourself!

learn how to sew this red dress for christmas
red dress with red coat and black heels


Learn how to make this little red Christmas dress for yourself

Materials you’ll need: 

  • 2 to 2 1/2 yards of two way stretch ponte or double knit fabric (this is the fabric I used)
  • 20-22″ invisible zipper
  • matching thread
  • 1/4 yard black fabric (I just used a lightweight, but not see through, black lining)
red christmas dress with bow neckline

FIRST, make your pattern. Use THESE INSTRUCTIONS if you don’t know how to make a pattern.

Pattern pieces you’ll need:

  • BODICE FRONT with a crew neckline
  • BODICE BACK with a crew neckline
  • LONG SLEEVE fitted
  • NECKLINE LINING for front and back (use the illustration above to guide you for the shape of the neckline lining in the front)
  • SKIRT (this should be just one rectangle of fabric — you can taper the sides to make it more flared if desired. The waist width should be your waist measurement x 1.5. The length should be however long you’d like it).
  • BOW TIE PIECES. There should be four identical pieces, 12″ long, and 5″ wide.


Step 1. Take your BOW TIE PIECES and fold them in half with right sides of the fabric together and stitch them up on the long side and one of the short sides. Repeat for all four pieces. Turn them right side out and press nice and flat.

Step 2. Take your BODICE FRONT piece and add darts to each side of the bust.

Step 3. Take your BODICE FRONT and cut a straight slit down the front. It should be about 5-6″ long. Cut the NECKLINE LINING FRONT piece to match.

Step 4. Take your BODICE FRONT and NECKLINE LINING FRONT and match them up with right sides of the fabric together. Tuck your BOW TIE PIECES inside, as shown, so they get stitched up in between the LINING and BODICE. Do a straight stitch around the neckline and down the slit, securing the two pieces and the bow tie pieces together. Then flip the lining inside the dress and press in place. Top stitch in place if needed.

Step 5. Take your BODICE BACK and NECKLINE LINING BACK and stitch them together with right sides of the fabric together. Then flip the lining pieces inside the dress and press in place. Top stitch in place if needed.

Step 6. Now take your BODICE BACK and BODICE FRONT pieces and sew them together at the shoulders (with right sides of the fabric together).

Step 7. Now it’s time to attach the SLEEVES. Line up the top of the sleeve with the bodice shoulder seam (as shown) with right sides together. Pin in place.

Step 8. Continue pinning the SLEEVE to the bodice, and then sew along the arm hole with a straight stitch. Repeat for the second SLEEVE.

Step 9. Pin the entire bodice together at the side seams and down the sleeves (with right sides of the fabric together) and then sew up the sides and sleeves with a straight stitch.

Step 10. Now take your SKIRT and baste stitch along the top.

Step 11. Then pull your basting strings to gather your skirt until it’s the same width as your bodice.

Step 12. With right sides of the fabric together, attach your BODICE and SKIRT together at the waist.

Step 13. Insert your zipper according to the instructions on the zipper package, and then sew up the rest of the dress.

Step 14. Hem your sleeves and the bottom of your dress to your desired length, and you’re done!!

how to make this beautiful red fit and flare dress with bow neckline details

photos by Priscilla Frey

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  1. Ronda says:

    This is so beautiful!! My favorite design that you have created to date.
    I missed the discount you offered for your sewing class. Will you be offering anything like this again? Thinking of a little Christmas gift for myself.;)

  2. Wow she is looking so beautiful in red dress. i also like her red wool coat.

  3. CTNBEE says:

    This dress is amazing! I’m missing words to describe how great you look! Great colors and the perfect length of the dress for me!

  4. I wish you would sell patterns. There are so many nice dresses and shapes that I can not recreate of my own clothing. I would totally buy them all.

  5. It is the best zone to know some better function about this game.

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