Laundry Room Reveal with Home Depot

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laundry room merricksart

I’m so excited to share with you our new laundry room! This room was a blast to design, and I love how it turned out, especially with our new champagne colored washer and dryer from The Home Depot. Come check it out!


We’ve teamed up with Home Depot to share our laundry room and new washer and dryer!

I am SO BEYOND EXCITED to share this post! Not only because this laundry room was a labor of love, but also because I’ve teamed up with one of my dream brands today — Home Depot!

When we moved into our new house, we quickly discovered that our current washing machine and dryer didn’t fit. The layout of the laundry room is really dumb — the machines are placed right at the entrance to the room, so our deeper machines wouldn’t allow the laundry room door to close.

We had already done our research on good brands for washers and dryers, and knew we wanted to get Samsung — it’s what we had in our California home, and also in our rental house. So after a little more extensive research, we found the perfect set. THIS WASHING MACHINE and THIS DRYER that had a shorter depth but still had a large drum for our family.

The Samsung washing machine we chose from The Home Depot

We decided on the 4 cubic ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washing Machine with Steam ENERGY START, because even with a shorter depth, it still had a very large drum. That was super important to us as a family with three little boys — we’re doing tons of laundry over here so I wanted something efficient and with high capacity.


The Samsung dryer we chose from The Home Depot

For our dryer, we chose the matching 7 cubic ft. Electric Dryer with Steam. I wanted the steam capabilities, and again, I wanted something big. So this was the perfect choice for us, and takes excellent care of my delicate clothing, while still handling the boys play clothes.


I’m OBSESSED with the champagne color of this Samsung washing machine and dryer

But maybe my favorite part of these machines is their gorgeous color. I can’t get over this insanely pretty champagne color! They also come in WHITE, but we’ve always had white so it was fun to switch it up with something unexpected.


How we landed on the design for the laundry room

As soon as we decided on the champagne washer and dryer, we decided to do something really fun with this laundry room. You can see the laundry room from our kitchen, and I loved the idea of seeing the beautiful machines, and then a big bold wall behind. 

The patterned tile trend is in full force right now, so I decided to play off of that and use THIS PAINT STENCIL to create a very bold wall. We decided to only do that one wall so the wall didn’t become so crazy busy, and then let the washer and dryer hold their own at the entrance to the room.

With a few little accents, like GLASS JARS for our detergent and dryer balls, a few fun baskets, and some pretty soap dispensers, the room really came together. 

I absolutely love, love, love how it turned out. And every time I’m in the kitchen, I love looking over and seeing this pretty room peeking out.


laundry room details merricksart
laundry room reveal
laundry room washer and dryer samsung from the home depot
laundry room samsung washer and dryer the home depot
laundry room merricksart
merricksart laundry room reveal
laundry room reveal
laundry room samsung washer and dryer

Installation and setup was a total breeze with The Home Depot’s delivery service

The thing I always worry about with appliances is the installation and getting rid of the previous appliance. The Home Depot made it so easy — we sold our old set to someone local, and The Home Depot delivery guys removed the old ones, put them exactly where we asked them so they could be picked up by the new owners, and then installed the new washer and dryer. They were so quick, cleaned up after themselves, didn’t leave a single scratch on the walls as they took the big machines in and out through our little hallway, and were also so friendly and nice. 

Beyond impressed. 

They also went through the warranty information with me so I knew what to do (so helpful!), and started the pre-load that’s required before you use the machine. Just a gem of a delivery guy. 



The Home Depot has such a big selection of washing machines and dryers, and all the best brands, but I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have these ones. 

If you have any more specific questions about the machines, or the laundry room in general, leave a comment, or check out all the machine’s specs on The Home Depot’s website right here!


Photos by Aubrey Stock


  1. Gabi says:

    I would love to see more pictures of how you did the corners of the wall with the stencil. I would like to try a project like this. Also I love the washer dryer set. So pretty! They would help make doing laundry a joy.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I always wanted to use a stencil to paint our wall, was it hard to use? or to take off?

    im working towards making our landry room more accessible and pretty.

    Stephanie Vainer | a learning story blog

  3. Melissa Haigh says:

    LOve it!! What paint color did you use with the stencil?

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