A Bunch of Really Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

gifts for dad

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gift ideas for the men in your life! Here are twenty great ideas for a dad, father in law, or husband.



Need some Father’s Day gift ideas?

Father’s Day is coming up in less than 2 weeks! Do you need some Father’s Day gift ideas for your husband or dad? Here are some great ideas from me and my whole team!



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SMALLER NINJA CREAMI – We use our Ninja Creami CONSTANTLY at our house – almost every night! My father in law just moved to our area and he’s seen how much we use it, and really wants one, so I’m getting this for him for Father’s Day this year. It would make a great gift for your dadd, father in law, or your husband. It makes the best home protein ice cream!

MIXBOOK PHOTOBOOK – I make on of these for PW every year and it’s without the best gift I give! It would be great for your husband, dad, grandpa, or father in law, and is a perfect sentimental kind of kift.

PORTABLE AC UNIT: EVAPOLAR – Use code MERRICK15 for 15% off! PW sleeps warmer than me, so having this on his side of the bedroom helps so much at night. It’s also fantastic for sitting at a desk during the day and staying cool if your office is warm.


FUTURE FANS – I got the football version of this for my son for his birthday and it’s been INCREDIBLE! Future Fans create a story, activities, and props to help teach kids the rules of sports and how to play. They have football and just released soccer in time for Father’s Day – trust me your husband would LOVE doing this with a kid. Use code MERRICK10 for a discount!

SNEAKER DISPLAY – If your husband is a sneakerhead, this gift is the best. I got this for my husband for Christmas and he has it in his office, it adds a really cool touch!

RECORD PLAYER – The best part of giving a record player is you have gifts figured out for all future birthdays and holidays! I got my husband a record player a few years ago, and now get him a new vinyl for any celebration.


RIDGE WALLET – My husband LOVES this wallet. It’s made out of lightweight aluminum and looks so rugged. He loves that there is only room for the essentials (cards and cash) and that it takes up such little room in his pockets. He’s had his for almost 10 years now and there’s hardly any wear and tear. It’s a great go-to gift!

SOFT COOLER – My husband was on a mountain biking trip with some friends and after a long day, one of them whipped out this soft insulated cooler full of nice, perfectly cold drinks. They called it “The Victory Bag” and my husband came home and could not stop talking about how awesome it was. I like that it doesn’t leak and it’s “moldable” so it’s easy to stuff into small spaces.

MUC-OFF BIKE CARE KIT – My husband uses the products from the brand “Muc-Off” to clean and fine-tune his mountain bikes after good, muddy, hard rides. He loves to baby his bikes so it returns all the goodness to him out on the trail. When I showed him this tacklebox full of cleaning products and tools he was practically giddy with excitement. I’m earning MAJOR bonus points with this one.

YETI SLIM CAN INSULATOR – My husband loves the Celsius Drinks that have gotten pretty popular over the last couple of years. I got this for him last Father’s Day and he literally uses it everyday. The top screws off and the 12 oz slim can (most energy drinks are this size) slips right in with a perfect fit. Screw the top back on and it tightly holds the can in this sleek container and keeps it cold for hours. It’s pure genius! If the man you’re buying for loves energy drinks, they will LOVE this!


ANKER SPEAKER – These speakers work great and are super affordable! My dad loves spending time by the water, fishing, boating, etc in the summer and this speaker is perfect for great quality/sound, without needing to stress if it does fall in the water or get wet.

YETI BUCKET – My dad actually already has this Yeti Bucket but I had to include it because it’s a summer staple at our house. We throw it in the truck every time we go fishing, camping, boating etc and it fits a bunch of essentials, keeps everything organized, and is the perfect seat for sitting around a fire or by the lake. We have the LID and ORGANIZER which are honestly what make it worth having!

TELESCOPING LADDER –  This might be a little out of my price range as a college student, but I think it could make a great gift for any dads/husbands. My dad and I spent hours working on projects growing up and were always carrying a bulky ladder across the yard, strapping it to the truck, etc. This would be so nice to just put in the back of a truck, ATV, or carry super easily!


PICKLEBALL NET – We have joined the craze like everyone else it seems! We love pickleball and have been wanting to get a net to play in our cul de sac and to travel with. This portable net with a bag looks like exactly what my husband has been wanting!

ABERCROMBIE JEANS – My husband rarely wears jeans. He is always in dress pants or comfy joggers. But, he has been wanting a good pair of jeans for date nights and traveling. I have seen these all over and they get such great ratings. Can you go wrong with a great pair of Abercrombie jeans for men?!?! I think not!

NOSE HAIR TRIMMER – This is showing our age! Ha! If you are looking at this item thinking that your husband would like it, then just get it! Trust me, you will not regret and he will be so grateful!


MELIN HAT – My husband LOVES hats and this brand is his very favorite. Golfing is his love language and he loves that this hat goes perfectly on the course and also a day out on the jet ski’s. It’s water and sweat repellent and cleans easily. He has it in Black, Navy, Orange, and Blue, so I figured it’s time to add this classic white to his collection!

OWALA WATER BOTTLE – I have and LOVE this Owala water bottle. My husband has another brand that I won’t name but rhymes with Fanley, and it’s great, but lately, he’s been swiping the Owala any chance he can. There’s something about the sip/straw that is so satisfying! It’s so easy to drink from, doesn’t spill, isn’t overly bulky, and fits in cupholders. A major win for us both!

BLEU DE CHANEL – I’ve been going back and forth on a new cologne for my husband for a while and finally, I feel like I found the perfect scent. It’s masculine, but not too overpowering, subtle citrus notes make it feel fresh. Excited to give him this one!

Need more Father’s Day gift ideas?

If you need more ideas, I have over 70 FANTASTIC gift ideas for men RIGHT HERE!





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