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When I was in New York this past summer with Vanity Fair, we learned about the Dress For Success organization. It’s an amazing foundation that helps women who are going through difficult times prepare for the workforce. They help them with their resumes, help them arrange interviews, and give them other helpful tools that empower them to achieve economic independence.

As part of their program, they dress these women, which in and of itself makes them feel beautiful and empowered. The stories that come out of this foundation are incredible and inspiring.

This year they partnered with Vanity Fair Lingerie to give these women bra fittings and great bras to enhance that feeling of beauty and empowerment. We met an incredible woman who had been through so many hard things in her life, and because of this foundation and these programs, she is thriving.

I love partnering with great programs and companies who do so much to give back and help other people. The longer I’m a mom, the more I realize how it really does “take a village,” and we need to help and support each other as much as we know how.

As a working mom of three, it’s challenging and exhausting in so many ways. So I really try to implement this advice and make an effort to take care of myself. Even things as simple as doing my hair and makeup and putting on a pretty dress make me feel ready to take on the day.

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It’s incredible how feeling beautiful in your own skin gives you that self love and empowerment and motivation so you can take on anything and help others to do the same. This is what their campaign “Women Who Do” is all about, and I’m striving every day to be one of those kind of women.

This month Vanity Fair has their BOGOGO promotion going on, which is a step beyond the typical “BOGO” that I usually see. This is Buy One, Get One, Give One. For every Vanity Fair Bra you buy you get another bra free AND they donate a bra to the Dress For Success Foundation. Find all the info about participating stores right here!

Go do your good deed for yourself for the day by getting yourself the right fitting bra (and getting one free), and then in turn you’ll do a good deed for someone else by donating a bra to someone who needs one too!

created in partnership with Vanity Fair
photos by Rad and Happy

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