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With the holidays approaching, we’re heading into party season. I love a good party dress, but along with all the holiday treats, I also like some good shapewear to make sure those dresses look the best they can.
Shapewear is tough, so I did the grunt work for you today and tried out a few different brands and styles to tell you all the pros and cons of each!
Every woman should have at least one piece of shapewear in her closet, so do yourself a favor and pick one up now so you’re not scrambling at the last minute when you’re headed to a holiday party and that dress just isn’t laying quite right.
There were three styles that I tried: slip dress, bodysuit, and shorts.
BRAND #1: Commando
I hadn’t ever tried this brand, but I tried both the shorts in a small and the slip dress in a small, both in the “nude” color. I really liked the color — it was a good, natural nude so it wouldn’t be obvious if it showed. They had no hems, so the bottom laid flat against my legs and didn’t create a line under my clothing.
The fabric on both of these were really lightweight but gave great control. You could wear these all day and night and never feel constricted or uncomfortable. The shorts were great for tummy control, and smoothed everything out nicely without being tight. The slip was the same — great smoothing capabilities, and I liked that it came all the way up over my bust, rather than cutting underneath. It even gave my bust a little lift which I’ll never complain about 😉 The length is a little longer, which gives great coverage and shaping down your leg, but not great for shorter dress hemlines. It hit me a few inches above my knee and I’m 5’6″.
The price on the Commando brand is very reasonable — the shorts are under $60 and the slip is just under $100, and based on the fabric they are sturdy and will last for many, many wears. Definitely recommend.
BRAND #2: Yummie
I tried both the slip (in x-small) and shorts (in x-small/small). The slip was definitely more of a standard slip, but in a strange plastic-y fabric. It claims to smooth and slim, but honestly it was so paper thin that it did nothing for me, and the straps felt like they were going to snap because they were so thin. And even in the x-small it was slightly loose. I don’t recommend this one.
However, the shorts were great. They were thick and very fitted — a little more challenging to get on, but comfortable once they were on and had great control. They do have a hem though so if you’re wearing a dress with thin fabric, the hemline could show through. It had built in silicone dots at the waist for no-slip control. I actually liked these quite a bit, and these are a great price point.
BRAND #3: SpanxOf course Spanx is the most commonly known brand of shape wear and has become a proprietary eponym (have you ever looked up a list of proprietary eponyms? So interesting). Since it’s such a well known brand, I was excited to see how it stacked up against these other brands. I tried the high waisted shorts in a small, this bodysuit in a small, and this bodysuit in a small

The shorts were my least favorite of the three Spanx pieces I tried, and definitely not as good as the Commando or Yummie ones. You can’t tell from the product photo, but the nude is more of a gray color rather than a true nude. Also the tummy was very tight on me, while the legs were normal. Probably great if you’re a pear shaped body type. 

I liked both of these body suits — the one with the open bust was very thin and comfortable and a good nude color (although fairly light), but if you carry weight in your tummy and have a large bust, this cut-out will probably cut you off in the wrong way, and the next one will probably be better. 

The second bodysuit was perfect. Great color, super comfortable, sucked everything in, and I loved that it had built in shaping elements you could actually see. Plus it had chest support and, like the Commando one, gave my bust a little lift. 

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