You know those clothing items that are basically pajamas disguised as real clothes? These jeans and this tee are exactly that. They are honestly the most comfy two items of clothing that I own. I don’t, but I could wear them all day every day, sleep in them, exercise in them…However, I did do a few high kicks in the jeans the first time I wore them (much to amusement of my children), just because I could. 
The simple combo is perfect for a comfy day at home with my boys, but can easily be dressed up with a fitted blazer and some heels like in my look below. 
The tee I’m wearing is the “Hanna” tee from Pickwick & Weller, a company I was just recently introduced to, which specializes in amazing basics. I’ve worn basic tees from a lot of different stores (if you were a reader a few years ago I was constantly professing my undying love for Target tees), but this is honestly better than all the other tees I’ve worn. The shape is the perfect loose, but not too loose fit, the neckline is wide, but not too wide, the length is long, but not too long, it’s unbelievably comfortable, and at $28 it’s totally affordable.
But the best part is that Pickwick & Weller just introduced their Be A Stylist program where if you buy a tee and instagram a picture of you wearing it (tagging them, of course), they’ll automatically credit you $15, which means you’ll get your tee at cost!
The darling Julia, of Gal Meets Glam, made a darling video explaining the whole thing, so check it out here and then sign up with your instagram account to get started (and then never wear another shirt again…). 
blazer: similar
jeans: c/o dittos (jessica lowrise legging)
heels: shop
bag: similar
necklace: similar
watch: michael kors
nails: cult cosmetics “Los Feliz”

This post was sponsored by Pickwick & Weller. All opinions are honest and, of course, my own. 


  1. Mickelle says:

    love those jeans! gonna have to check out the tshirt thing too.

  2. OMG i totally love this look on you!!!!

  3. Kimberly says:

    I love their tees – I own three of them in different colors and they are the softest in my closet!

  4. Cassandra says:

    This is such a put-together and easy look. I love those jeans!

  5. Pajama clothes are the BEST! So how do these tees hold up after a few washes? I do love Target tees, but my main complaint is that they wear out and look old quickly. Not a huge issue when they're only $8 anyway, but still.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life (Beauty Giveaway in progress!)

    • I actually haven't washed mine yet, so I'm not sure. But I've heard great things from other people, so I'm sure they're totally fine after washing. (and yes, I agree that the Target tees are never the same after a few washes…so sad). I'll keep you posted after I wash it a few times!

  6. Amy Herak says:

    I went STRAIGHT to lulus for those jeans. Divine.

  7. Merrick! This look is perfection in such a simple way. I love it!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  8. Piper Street says:

    Love this look! Could I ask, what size and length did you go with??

  9. Paige Flamm says:

    Loving this blazer! You're the second person that has highly recommenced these t's! I'll have to go check them out!


  10. Love this look. I have been all about strengthening my basics in my wardrobe.

  11. Betsy Whitis says:

    I love those heels and that necklace, what a cute outfit!

  12. Your hair is killer- such great color! Love the whole look.


  13. Brynn says:

    I love this so much – I'm just starting to get really into black and navy together, and this is a prime example of why I love it so much!!!

  14. Could I please ask if these jeans fit true to size? I normally wear Gap jeans in which I'm a size 4. How do these measure up to Gap jeans?

  15. Elle says:

    I'm in love with this look! It's so simple but with the blazer and heels it looks more chic!

  16. Emily says:

    I love the slouchy top with the blazer! I've been wanting to incorporate blazers into my everyday outfits, but I have trouble making it look casual. This looks great!

  17. kimmie says:

    Thanks for introducing this brand! Which "fit" did you get- classic/boyfriend/long?

  18. Sometimes the basics are the best. So comfy yet still polished with the blazer.


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