A Step By Step Guide for Adding Accessories to an Outfit

three outfits with accessories

If you need some advice on how to accessorize an outfit, check out these three great outfits that go from basic to amazing!


Accessories are what make an outfit. The things that take an outfit from boring to amazing.

And they’re the thing that most women struggle to figure out.

Which accessories? How many? Which ones work with my outfit?

Today I’ve partnered with Nordstrom to share three outfits, and a step by step guide to adding accessories. Nordstrom is always my go-to for good staples and accessories because they have a huge range of pieces and designers AND free shipping always.

These three outfits were so fun to put together and I hope you find it helpful!


five easy steps to take a basic outfit and make it perfect for fall with accessories!
this jacket is a staple in my closet!
add a cute beanie to any outfit to make it feel cute and finished

black jeans
rust colored thermal tee
black glossy hunter boots
denim fleece lined jacket
pom pom beanie
leather tote bag

Adding accessories to black jeans and a tee


Jeans and a tee — it’s a staple for all of us, right? Here are some ideas to take this outfit from basic to cozy and chic!


My LEVI’S SHERPA JACKET is a fall staple, and is perfect with black jeans so there’s not too much blue denim going on.

I added a cute BEANIE for extra warmth, and finished the look with a CASUAL TOTE BAG.

turtleneck and statement earrings
this cute turtleneck sweater is perfect for winter!
add accessories to your outfit to make it feel complete!
these statement earrings take this look to the next level

Orange Ribbed Sweater
Levi’s Jeans (on sale for 30% off!)
abstract white earrings
similar white ring bag (SPLURGE or SAVE)
similar brown leather boots

Adding accessories to a chunky turtleneck sweater


During the winter there is nothing more cozy than a turtleneck sweater! So I took THIS RUST COLORED ONE and paired it with these DISTRESSED LEVI’S JEANS and some simple LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS.

The sweater is oversized and thick, so I half tucked it to give my body some shape, and then pulled my hair up to also give my neck and shoulders some shape. Those two tricks work wonders on oversized turtleneck sweaters!

To finish the look I added some amazing STATEMENT EARRINGS and a SMALL, CHIC HANDBAG.


add a scarf and over the knee boots to your outfit for an easy and cozy look
this cozy look is perfect for fall
a cozy scarf is perfect for fall
over the knee boots with scarf and cardigan

gray cardigan
plaid scarf
similar chambray shirt
similar over the knee boots
similar dark wash jeans
similar tote bag

Add a scarf and cool boots to your basics!


During the fall, a scarf is the perfect accessory for basically any outfit.

Here I paired a denim on denim look (DARK WASH JEANS and a CHAMBRAY SHIRT) with some gorgeous OVER THE KNEE BOOTS.

To break up all the solid colors, I added a PLAID SCARF around my neck, and then a long CARDIGAN SWEATER for some extra warmth and a cozy layer.

Since the outfit is pretty casual, I finished off the outfit with a neutral TOTE BAG.

photos by priscilla frey
this post is sponsored by Nordstrom


  1. Simone says:

    Absolutely loved this! Seeing the starting point and the addition of each item on it’s own is so helpful.

  2. Katherine says:

    Love all these looks. Thanks for the tips. So hellful.

  3. Caitlin says:

    I love those earrings!!!

  4. Krista says:

    Such a great post! Super helpful to see the different steps. Great outfits!

  5. Holly says:

    This was great! Especially because most of my outfits consist of your basics! I just wish I had those cute bags! Thanks for the tips!

  6. It seems to me that you belong to the rare category of people who go to absolutely any wardrobe. Any style, any fabric, any color – everything suits you very much

  7. I am feeling so glad to found this amazing post because all are really need to know about it and this is a very helpful post especially the jacket and jeans are my love and Breasted Bistro jacket and first one in left side are my first priority, tHANKS

  8. This was great! Especially because most of my outfits consist of your Long Mire Leather Coat basics! I just wish I had those cute bags!Keep it up 🙂

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