Join the #GetDressedWithMerrick Closet Challenge!

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Are you in a closet rut? Wearing the same things over and over? Don’t know how to put together outfits? Then come join the #GetDressedWithMerrick closet challenge!!

Happy Monday! If you follow along on Instagram, you might have seen a fun new closet challenge that I’m starting this week.

It’s called Get Dressed with Merrick.


Almost a year ago I created my Wearable Wardrobe Guide email series (you can learn more about that or sign up HERE), and one of the biggest issues I hear from you is that you don’t know how to put together outfits.

Or you’re stuck in a rut with your closet.

Or you have clothes but you wear the same things over and over.

The #GetDressedWithMerrick closet challenge will help you guys with that! It’s a closet challenge to help you think outside the box, put together new outfits, and have more fun in your closet.


Here’s how the #GetDressedWithMerrick challenge works:


    1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL. Every Sunday morning I’ll send out an email with an outfit prompt and some outfit inspiration. (Make sure you sign up via the form below!)
    2. SEE HOW I DO IT. Every Monday I’ll share a #GetDressedWithMerrick on my Instagram stories, featuring this week’s challenge with some styling tips and outfit ideas.
    3. CREATE AN OUTFIT. Sometime during the week, you put together an outfit from the prompt and post it on your Instagram or your Instagram Stories.
    4. POST YOUR PICTURE. Tag me (@MerricksArt) and use the hashtag #GetDressedWithMerrick
    5. SHARE & SUPPORT! This is completely optional, but I’d love if you’d share the challenge with your friends — all of you could do it together! And check the hashtag (#GetDressedWithMerrick) and give some love to other wonderful women joining the challenge — let’s create an amazing community of women creating better wardrobes one outfit at a time.


You can sign up for the weekly emails below!

I already sent out the email for this week, but the challenge is WEAR A SKIRT OR DRESS WITH SNEAKERS. Follow the instructions above to join the challenge this week!

Make sure you sign up for the weekly emails since I’ll be sharing them there each Sunday (not here on the blog!)

Here’s a little inspiration for fall outfits with sneakers and dresses to help you put your outfits together this week.

how to wear sneakers with dresses
sneakers and a skirt
how to wear sneakers with dresses
midi dress withs sneakers
how to wear sneakers with dresses
how to wear black old skool vans

If you want more easy mom outfit ideas, check out these posts:


ALSO! Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sneakers that are great with dresses and skirts!

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  4. Mare says:

    I afore that demin sundress and would always pass on something like that because of bra straps – now that I have seen the options, I like it!

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