How to Make A Corduroy Overall Dress (Sewing Pattern)

This corduroy overall is perfect for fall and easy to make!

Ready for some weekend sewing?? This corduroy overall dress sewing tutorial is perfect for the fall, and looks so cute layered with tees or sweaters and tights. 

Outfit details:
striped long sleeve top ($under 20!)
Corduroy Overall Dress made by me (fabric from Jo-Ann’s – SIMILAR DRESS HERE)
Vans sneakers
Leather Tote Bag
Apple Watch Band

Why this corduroy overall dress is the perfect dress for fall

I’ve been on a jumper dress kick for the last few months (see my last one I made HERE), and when I found this gorgeous navy corduroy I knew I had to make a jumper dress with it.

Overall dresses are quick and easy to make, and they’re perfect for fall because you can wear a tee or sweater under them, a jacket over them, or layer tights and boots underneath them.

Want to learn how to make this overall dress?

This sewing tutorial is perfect for beginners — it’s so fun and easy!

Check out my beginner sewing tutorial for this dress below.



how to make this easy corduroy dress
love the big buttons on this cute DIY corduroy overall dress
find out how to make this cute corduroy overall dress on!
love the big buttons on this cute DIY overall dress!
learn how to make this cute overall jumper dress on!

These are the materials you’ll need to make this corduroy overall dress

2 yards corduroy (I got THIS ONE with a one-way stretch)
2 Large Buttons
Matching Thread


First you’ll need to create your pattern pieces.

First, create your pattern pieces. Use a tank dress or tank to create your pattern. Use this video to learn how to create your own pattern if you don’t know how!

Refer to the illustration below to see which pattern pieces you’ll need and how to measure.

Once your pattern pieces are drawn out and cut, lay them on top of your fabric and use them as a guide to cut your fabric.

learn how to make this cute corduroy overall dress!

Now it’s time to sew your dress!

Step 1. Take your DRESS FRONT and LINING FRONT and match them up with right sides of the fabric together. Pin in place, and then sew around the edge of the LINING, attaching it to the DRESS FRONT. Use a straight stitch.

Repeat for the DRESS BACK and LINING BACK.

Step 2. Now turn the FRONT and BACK pieces right side out, pull all your corners out so they’re nice and pointed, and press them flat.

Then topstitch all the way around the edges so the pieces lay nice and flat.

Step 3. With right sides together, pin your DRESS FRONT and DRESS BACK together. Since you’ve attached the lining, the order of the fabric will be lining-dress-dress-lining. Sew up the sides of the dress with a straight stitch.

Turn the dress right side out and press your side seams flat.

Step 4. Hem the dress to your desired length. I used a blind stitch hem (available on most sewing machines), but you can do a wide straight stitch if you’d like. (The blind hem stitch is much less visible on a solid, light colored fabric and looks more professional). Press your hem flat with a hot iron.

Step 5. You can create button holes if you’d like, but my button hole foot on my sewing machine doesn’t work with buttons this large. So I just sewed the straps to the front of the jumper and hand sewed the buttons over the top.

Since the fabric is stretchy, the dress just slips over my head!

And that’s it – you’re done!


photos by priscilla frey

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  1. Cin says:

    Love this. I am 63 and so enjoy the blog. My early sewing days wereWith4-H and the patterns were major complicated. Then Grain – selvage etc. i so luv the intuitive approach. Your jumper is DARLING AND corderoy is so fun. My Grandma who always helped me to continue to sew and taught me to knit as well would enjoy the out of the box APPROACH. (not sure why the large caps here—- isure need lessons in tech it would “seAm”). Now to grab a jumper from my grandaughTers closet and get sewing. Thanks again.

    • Merrick says:

      Thanks so much for being here! And I agree, those old patterns are overly complicated — it’s fun to just simplify things a bit 🙂 Hope you make one for your granddaughter!!

  2. Annalisa says:

    If your not brave ENOUGH like mirrick to create your own pattern Tilly and the buttons does a PINAFORE Dress which i can reccomEnd. I love the way merrick makes it super classy. Cheers

  3. glo says:

    hey you should make tutorials for this on youtube! along with ur other cloths!

  4. fnaf says:

    I love this! Well done!

  5. k says:

    When you line dresses like this do you use the Corduroy or a different ‘lining’ fabric?

  6. run 3 says:

    I finished a piece for myself, it looks very nice, thank you for sharing

  7. temple run says:

    The knowledge you share really changes me in life, I sincerely thank you for what you have done, surely your blog will help more people.

  8. thanks for the tutorial. I have some spare Corduroy and did not know what to dow with it!

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