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5 Things You Might Not Know About Philip and Me (And A Fun and Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea)

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father's day gift with dove

If you need a good gift idea for Father’s Day this is an easy one you can put together quickly and will make your dad or husband feel loved!


Need an easy and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day? I’ve got a good one!

Philip doesn’t get much attention here on the blog. He definitely prefers it that way. He’s a really private person (and of course he ends up with a wife with a blog), so I try to respect that as much as possible.

But with Father’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of things about Philip and me, and a fun and unexpected way to treat your dad this Father’s Day.

father's day foam
an easy father's day gift with dove
father's day gift idea
father's day gift idea with dove

This Dad Relaxation Kit is perfect for any guy for Father’s Day!

During Mother’s Day, there are lots of “pampering” gift ideas, but Father’s Day gifts don’t often include those types of gifts. But why not? All men deserve a little pampering and relaxation, especially those hard-working dads!

So I’m sharing an easy Dad’s Relaxation Kit with Dove Men+Care that would be fun to put together for your husband or dad for Father’s Day.

We put together our entire kit for under $20, and it was so fun and thoughtful!

We grabbed everything for the Relaxation Kit at Walmart on our regular grocery shopping trip, including Dove Shower Foam. I think most men skip the bubble baths and go for showers instead, so this Dove Shower Foam is a perfect manly alternative to a traditional bath bomb or bubble bath.

It’s a really amazing, rich body wash that that instantly lathers, hydrates your skin, smells so delicious, and comes in a nice big bottle. They also have an incredible Relaxing Lavender Foam that I’ve been using and loving!


Here’s everything we included in our Father’s Day Relaxation Kit:

  • Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash
  • Handmade coupons from the boys for foot and back rubs
  • A big, yummy smelling candle for the bathroom
  • A coupon from me for a massage (since the boys’ massages are still pretty sub-par ;))
  • A few pieces of his favorite candy

You could also include some lotions, a movie, some fun drinks, a new pillow, a coupon to go get a pedicure with you…lots of possibilities!

Give this to your dad or husband on Father’s Day and let them have the most relaxing day ever!


And just for fun, in honor of Father’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share a few things about Philip and me.

father's day gift ideas

These are a few things you might not know about Philip and me

  • We met when I was eighteen years old and got married when I was nineteen.
    • I wrote our entire love and engagement story RIGHT HERE if you’re interested! He was 23 and I was just a tiny 18-year-old college sophomore. But when I turned 19 just a week or two after we met, he felt much better about pursuing a relationship. [I was still a baby, but obviously it worked out].


  • If we had to pick different careers, we’d choose to be interior designers
    • We’ve bought and designed three homes in our twelve and a half years of marriage and lived in three other rental homes. Our style has evolved with every house, and our new Texas house is coming together so beautifully – we can’t wait to show you!!


  • Philip has an incredible memory and I remember nothing.
    • Philip reads articles on every news site every day, and somehow retains pretty much all of it. He can spew off facts, dates, statistics, or names like it was his job. I, on the other hand, have a terrible memory, and after reading an article can hardly remember anything about it.


  • Our personalities are pretty opposite, but they say opposites attract!
    • Philip is really good at sports; I can’t even throw a ball properly. He loves super spicy; I like my food nice and mild so I can actually taste the flavor instead of dealing with a fireball in my mouth.  He’s really good at sitting and listening, I can hardly sit still for more than 5 seconds. I’m super artistic, he isn’t at all.


  • These are a few things we have in common and love to do together
    • Although we have a lot of opposite interests, there are a few things that we both really love and do often together. We love, love, love to travel. Philip’s dad is a travel agent, so he grew up traveling a ton. My parents also traveled a lot, so from day one we traveled a lot. Even when we had very little money, we spent that money on traveling because it was something that connected us, taught us, inspired us, and created amazing memories. We also really love music and love going to concerts together, and we both love food. We rarely eat at chain restaurants and love trying out new local spots.


Now go put together a fun little relaxation kit for the men in your life and give them the best Father’s Day ever!


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