5 Health Changes I’ve Made in the last Year

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One thing I’ve always struggled to be consistent about is fitness. I’ve gone through phases where I exercise regularly, and even grow to like exercising, but I’ve just never made it a huge priority in my life.

I’ve heard from pretty much every single woman that everything gets harder to maintain once they hit thirty — especially when it comes to pregnancies. We hope to have one more baby in the next few years, so I’ve made a commitment in my thirties to take better care of my body than ever before, and I’ve teamed up with Finish Line to share the changes I’ve made and the changes I hope to make.


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I'm sharing all the changes I've made to my health over the last year
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Finish Line is an awesome online retailer that sells the top brands of shoes and other athletic wear, and I don’t know about you, but new athletic wear, especially some fresh kicks, always makes me feel motivated to exercise.

Here are a few things I’ve implemented in the seven or eight months that have made a huge difference for me.

  1. Get quality athletic gear. I used to buy whatever was cheapest, especially when it came to shoes, and they offered so little support that I ended up hurting myself as I exercised. Finish Line has products at a lot of different price points so there’s something for everyone, and they’re all great quality name brands. They’re even great for back to school.  I like to find athletic shoes that also double as everyday shoes so I can get more use out of them! I love these neutral Nike’s I found and can’t wait to wear them with joggers or jeans. I also love a good pair of athletic tights, and these Puma ones are so soft, super flattering, and hold everything in. I paired them with this Nike muscle tee, and the cutest pink cropped sweatshirt. So many of these pieces could work for exercising or an everyday athleisure look!
  2. Stop looking at the scale. It’s just a dang number and it doesn’t define who you are. I’ve learned to go off of how I feel. When I eat junk, I feel bloated, uncomfortable, and slow. If I eat well, I feel energized and comfortable in my skin. This is motivating to me to eat better!
  3. Make it easy to eat well. Whenever I run out of healthy food and I get the munchies, I always make bad decisions. So prioritize grocery shopping so you make sure you have healthy choices. I like to chop up a melon, or have grapes or cherries on hand for something easy to grab when I need to satisfy a sweet craving. I also make a big vegetable and egg scramble almost every morning so that I have enough for breakfast and lunch. If I’m hungry at lunch time and don’t have anything, I’ll for sure reach for the jar of salt and vinegar Pringles.
  4. Build a support system. When I first decided to make some changes, I joined a health and wellness challenge. Having people working toward the same goals, and making the same changes as I was made a huge difference. We supported each other, and having a challenge made it more motivating for me, and helped me develop better habits. I started a similar challenge with my friends after my other one ended, and I’m currently doing one with my sister in law. That support is invaluable!
  5. Set reasonable limits. I don’t like to cut out entire food groups, or say “I’ll never eat chocolate (or bread, or sugar, or whatever)  again,” because I know it’s unreasonable for me and I’m setting myself up for failure. My health challenge limited us to two desserts a week, and that was just enough to keep me happy without over indulging and killing my progress. Set goals and limits, but set them reasonably so they help long term.

The older I get, the more I realize that if I don’t take control of my life, something else will. Right now is as good of time as any to make some changes with me and take care of yourself.

Grab yourself some cute new sportswear from Finish Line’s collection and let’s do this together. Tell me what works for you to keep yourself motivated!


  1. Jenn says:

    Cute clothes, but aside from a great pair of running/walking shoes, I feel that workout clothes are a complete waste of money. I throw on just a basic pair of leggings and an old tshirt and Im good to work out. I will never understand why people think they have to make a huge fashion statement just to work out.

    • Meredith Wagner Larson says:

      I always get excited when I have cute outfit for the gym and that helps with my motivation getting myself there. Also there are mirrors everywhere, might as well do all I can to enjoy the reflection as much as possible lol

  2. I love the idea of having dessert twice a week! Since turning 30 I’ve made some big adjustments. Consistent exercise should have been one of them. 😉

  3. Emeli says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing, it’s a great motivation. I also began to devote more time to sports and try to keep an active way of life. I even bought myself home the best power packs to do sports at home

  4. Judi says:

    Thank you, I also decided to paint adequate restrictions and build a plan for which I will monitor my health. First of all, I ordered additional medicines and vitamins in the online pharmacy, built a plan for my food and painted adequate restrictions that should keep me on this road

  5. Helena says:

    My year started with my dog bringing a whole bunch of fleas into the house and it was horrible. After reading the article https://www.xsnnews.com/how-long-do-dog-fleas-live-on-humans/ I understood that need to act decisively and end with these parasites. Almost a month we led a desperate war against them and sort of won, now we have to paint the other their goals of health and can be calm

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