3 Life Hacks for Sticking to Your Health Goals After the New Year Buzz Has Worn Off

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We’re three months into the year. Have you fallen off track with your new year’s goals? Try these three life hacks for sticking to your health goals after the new year buzz has worn off. 


Having trouble sticking to your wellness goals now that we’re in March? These hacks might help.

I love setting goals at the beginning of each year. I go into that first week of the new year with all sorts of ambitions and motivation, but after a couple of weeks it can sometimes wear off.

We’re more than halfway through March now — how are you doing on your new year’s goals??

If you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, here are three things that help keep me on track longterm.

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three life hacks to help you stick to your goals
three life hacks to help you stick to your goals longterm
life hacks that help you stick to your goals longterm

These three easy life hacks help me stick to my habits longterm!


1. Determine your keystone habit.

This is a concept from the book The Power of Habit. Basically it’s the habit that, if put in place, effects the rest of your life. Philip and I were talking about it a few months ago and he said stopping drinking soda was his keystone habit. Once he quit drinking soda, he started sleeping better, felt energized to exercise, started eating much healthier, and so on. It was a really positive snowball effect for him.

For me, my keystone habit is to go to bed on time. I used to stay up til 1 or 2am. every night, and as soon as I forced myself to get to bed before 11pm, I was able to wake up early and do my morning scripture study and prayers and get in a regular habit of exercising before the kids woke up. Because of this early morning routine, I was motivated to eat better, I was more productive and focused during work, and that made me more present with my family…snowball, snowball, snowball.

Sometimes a whole list of goals can feel super overwhelming. But if you determine your keystone habit and just focus on that one, it feels much more manageable long term. If you’re able to stay on track with that one goal longterm, gradually the rest of your goals will fall into place naturally.

2. Take your vitamins.

I’ve never been great or consistent about taking my vitamins. But whenever I am consistent, it’s incredible how noticeable the difference is. I have more energy, my skin is better, I don’t get headaches, my nails are stronger, etc. Hmmm, I guess vitamins are important!

Here’s the problem for me — how am I supposed to know which vitamins to take?

Last year I heard about this amazing company called Care/of, and today I’m so excited to be partnering with them. With a five minute online quiz, they help you determine which vitamins you should be taking, and then they send you all of them in daily individual pouches! GENIUS.

Instead of purchasing all of the vitamins individually, or guessing which ones to take in your cupboard, you get honest guidance to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins for your needs. They’re all premium ingredients, and they carry all types of vitamins — specialty supplements, herbal supplements, prenatal vitamins, probiotics, and more. You can see everything RIGHT HERE.

One other problem I have? Remembering to take my vitamins!

I made a daily reminder on my phone so I get an alert at lunch time both on my phone and on my Apple Watch so I remember to take them. I also keep a couple pouches in my purse so I still remember to take them in case I’m out during lunch.

Care/of is offering you guys 50% off your first month of vitamins! Just use code MERRICK at checkout to get it!


3. Make your meal plan easy.

I learned a trick a few years ago that has made it so much easier to eat healthy consistently. I choose 2-3 healthy options for breakfast, 2-3 healthy options for lunch, and 2-3 healthy options for an afternoon snack.

I keep the ingredients for all of these in my pantry or fridge all the time, and it makes eating so much easier!

Here’s an example:

3 healthy breakfast options you can make over and over

  • Green smoothie (spinach, protein powder, chia seeds, half a banana, ice, almond milk)
  • Hard boiled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning
  • Apple turkey sausage and sauteed spinach

3 easy, healthy lunch options for everyday

  • big green salad (lettuce, choice of veggies (I do cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, etc), choice of meat, sunflower seeds, everything but the bagel seasoning, and THIS DRESSING)
  • Canned tuna fish in water mixed with 1/2 an avocado, chopped cherry tomatoes, everything but the bagel seasoning
  • Leftovers from dinner

3 healthy snacks to tide you over til dinner

  • chopped apples with cinnamon and walnuts
  • 1/3 cup blueberries and 1/4 almonds
  • one banana with almond butter
  • Lots more ideas RIGHT HERE

I get decision fatigue very easily, so having only a few options makes it way easier for me, and I feel much more capable of staying on track longterm.


I hope these are helpful! If you have any other tips to share, leave me a comment!


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thank you to Care/of for sponsoring this post! 



  1. Marta says:

    I’m terrible to sticking to any goals in general but health goals are the ones that bum me out the most when I quit them. I’m definitely gonna take your advice and see if your tips help me, thanks for sharing!

  2. Gina says:

    I love that idea of a keystone habit. It might sound funny, but I think mine is reading scriptures! I notice such a distinct difference in my mood and ability to cope with life when i am consistently studying, and when I’m not. And then in turn I feel more motivated to exercise, I’m more patient with my kids, etc, etc.

    I also have specific meals I stick with — my favorite lunches lately have been on Joseph’s pita bread, either a grilled philly steak sandwich with laughinh cow cheese, roast beef, and sauteed onions and veggies; or a wrap with laughing cow cheese, ham, and tons of veggies and spinach. I think both options end up being Under 200 calories and its filling and delicious! Just in case you wanted another idea for your rotation. 🙂

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  4. gnosnoring says:

    Wow!this blog is very informative and best for the health conscious people. There are many useful tips for all first is very important to keep healthy you must go bed on time and take your sleep all night. Second is that take your vitamins. And third is to make your meal plan so you keep healthy all time.

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  6. Emeli says:

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  8. I liked your suggestion about eating healthy in the morning. Hard boiled egg for breakfast does sound like a good healthy option. It might also be smart to talk to a medical expert or life coach about other things you can to do meet your health goals.

  9. Hello, I liked your suggestion about eating healthy in the morning. Hard boiled egg for breakfast does sound like a good healthy option.

  10. Emeli says:


  11. I love the idea of just choosing a keystone habit and focusing on that one instead of trying to manage a lot of habits. I have a pretty unhealthy lifestyle, but my keystone habit is pretty easy to identify. I sleep way too much. I’ll change that one thing and see how it affects my life.

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