10 Awesome Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Boys

10 really good gift ideas for a 9 year old boy

Need some gift ideas for 9 year old boys? These 10 gift ideas will be amazing for birthdays, Christmas, or any other holiday for early tween boys! 

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In honor of B’s 9th birthday today, here are some great gift ideas for 9 year old boys

Today is B’s 9th birthday. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I have a nine year old child.

On Sanny’s birthday last month, I shared some gift ideas for a 3 year old boy, and you guys loved it, so I wanted to share some gift ideas for 9 year old boys today.

And actually, all of these are great for girls too! But I’m calling this a gift list for boys since I know 9 year old boys better than I know 9 year old girls 😉

Gift ideas for a 9 year old boy


10 great birthday gift ideas for a 9 year old boy

1. A Kiwi Co Subscription.

We’ve been doing these subscriptions for the last year and they’re so fantastic. It’s a monthly science and art box that comes with activities and projects geared toward the age of your choice. All the materials are included in each box so you don’t need any extra glue or markers at all. We do the Tinker crate for B and it always has creative and interesting projects that he loves. I also have a free month if you want to try it — just go through THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

2. A good book series

If you have a reader, like me, get that kid some book series! These are a few of our favorites, or ones that are on our list:

3. Fun Games

These are some of our favorites, and a few that I ran across while I was searching!

I shared more of my favorite games our family loves IN THIS POST!

4. A magnetic dart board

How fun does this MAGNETIC DART BOARD look? I love that it’s magnetic so it won’t do any damage (to humans or walls!) and is safe to keep in their room.

5. Awesome Facts Book

B loves learning about all sorts of random things, so this 5,000 Awesome Facts Book is perfect for him. We have a few other of these National Geographic fact books and they’re super well done. All of my boys love them.


6. Digital keyboard

If you have a little musician, A DIGITAL KEYBOARD is a great gift idea. This is very similar to the keyboard we bought about 5 years ago, and we’ve loved it.

7. Snap Circuit

My mom got the Snap Circuit Jr. kit for my boys a few years ago, and the SNAP CIRCUIT CLASSIC would make a great gift for an older boy. The kit comes with a bunch of electronic circuits and a project book so you can connect them together to make a radio, a siren, a fan, and so much more. My boys could spend hours on this kit.

8. Lego Sets

I think most boys at age 9 still have a year or so of Lego love left in them before they start to grow out of them. And B, with two little LEGO obsessed brothers, might have even longer than that. Lego sets are always a hit in our home, and currently he’s obsessed with the HARRY POTTER LEGO SETS, and also the LEGO MOVIE 2 LEGO SETS.

9. Bike

We bought B THIS BIKE for Christmas last year and it’s been a fantastic bike for him. We bought it at a local bike shop, but you can find lots of similar ones ONLINE HERE.

10. Laser Tag

We got THIS LASER TAG set for Christmas, and I prefer it because it comes with a little robot bug that you go after, rather than shooting each other. But if you want a true LASER TAG GAME, THIS ONE comes with vests.


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  1. Ellyn says:

    Yay! This is awesome!! So happy For you and so excited for this! Cant wait to see the collection!

  2. Rachel says:

    Yes! Definitely a staple and something I wear every single day!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your outfit suggestions as I absolutely love your style 🙂

  3. Lindsay Sutherland says:

    Oh so exciting!!!! Will you be shipping to Canada?

  4. Elena says:

    A great list, I also prepared this year a lot of his favorite things from a similar list, who mu also ordered a funny fake beard, which he wanted for so long. He is obsessed with the theme of warriors and Vikings, I think he will be delighted with this more than a bag of gifts

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