*photos by jana laurene
Seven years ago I started this blog. It was my mom who asked me to start it since I was in college at the time working on my art degree and she wanted to see what I was creating. I posted really sporadically for years, never intending for the blog to even go anywhere, until one day it did. It was after my first baby was born, I wasn’t working, and I was searching for myself — what to do with all this time during nap time?? I loved art, but I never felt very creative with it and that frustrated me to no end. 
One day in late 2011 I came back to my sewing machine after ten years and something just felt so right and exciting about it. I definitely wasn’t good at sewing (having only taking a couple of years of sewing classes when I was little), and I had several years of tried and failed projects as I re-learned how to sew and taught myself to create patterns and garments, but sewing, and blogging about sewing, and then combining it with style just felt like me. And doing it on the side as a mom fit so well. 
In 2013 I decided to really start putting effort into my blog, and in 2014 it really began to grow and I began to do it mostly full time (which means mom all day, blog all night), and that’s how things currently run.  
When I look back at the timeline, I realize what a huge part my family has played in the progression of this blog and me finding myself. Until I had children I was just going through the motions of college and jobs, all the while searching for myself and for my future. Having children changed my perspective on time and opportunities and potential for myself, and I sometimes wonder if I would have ever discovered this life if it weren’t for them. My family is far and away my greatest joy and passion, and being a mom and wife is more amazing and fulfilling than I ever could have dreamed of, but I also love having this job on the side to fulfill a completely different side of me. Having them support and help me through it is the cherry on top. 
Clinique challenged me in their #FaceForward campaign to look at my accomplishments, the journey to getting there, and what my goals for the future are, and I love doing that because it gives me satisfaction as I look back and motivation as I look forward. This blog has come a long way in seven years, but also has a lot more potential packed into it that I’m just itching to discover. 
I’ve spent the last year working on a huge project that’s being announced later this week (make sure you check back on Friday!!), I want to see my designs in stores someday, I dream of writing a book, I want to travel the world with my family…there are so many goals I have for my future and I love watching them come true as I face forward and proactively make them happen, and bit by bit discover these passions and dreams. 
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