Where to Buy The Best Basics on a Budget

where to get the best basics on a budget

Everyone needs basics in their closet — you know, basic tees, jeans, shoes. The foundations of a wardrobe. If you’re on a budget these are my favorite places to find budget friendly basics that aren’t terrible quality. 


Outfit Details:
Old Navy Green Jacket ($28)
Everlane White Tee ($15)
American Eagle Black Jeans ($50, but BOGO 50% off!)
Nordstrom Rack Ankle Boots (mine are very old, but these are similar) ($50)



Where can you find affordable but good quality basics? Let me tell you.

Let’s talk about affordable basics. We all need them, we all love them. The hard part is finding the right ones that are affordable but not completely garbage quality.

So I want to walk you through JEANS, TEES, OUTERWEAR, and SHOES, and where you can find quality versions of these basics for less.


where to buy good basics on a budget
budget friendly basics
this everlane tee is inexpensive and great quality

budget friendly basics
budget friendly basics

Where to buy budget friendly t-shirts.

Last year I did a hunt to find the best white tee. In my search, I discovered Everlane’s tees. They’re great quality, hold up well over many washes, have a good v-neck that’s not too low, aren’t sheer, and are only $15!

I’ve tried so many cheap t-shirts out there and they get holes, pill so quickly, or completely lose their shape in the wash.

I definitely recommend Everlane for tees!


Where to buy budget friendly jeans.

I’ve become obsessed with American Eagle jeans in the last year or so. My very favorite are their NEXT LEVEL JEGGINGS. They’re super stretchy, flattering, comfortable, and hold up well after tons of washes.

I own and love these black ones, and just bought and love these blue ones. (I mean, just look at the reviews on them!!)

Just as a reference, I wear a size 4 and typically wear a size 26 jeans.


Where to buy budget friendly outerwear.

There are lots of good places to buy outwear that isn’t crazy pricey.

One of my top resources for budget friendly outerwear is Old Navy (I got this cute UTILITY JACKET from there for under $30!)

But I also have found lots of cute pieces at ASOS


Where to buy budget friendly shoes.

Ok, let’s be honest. You can buy super inexpensive shoes at fast fashion places that are $20-30. But in my experience, nearly every one of these cheap shoes is wildly uncomfortable.

Good quality shoes just cost a little bit more, but they’ll hold up a lot longer and they’ll be more comfortable (typically – obviously this is not universally true for all low-high priced shoes).

If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend places like Nordstrom Rack, 6pm.com, Amazon, or Rack Room Shoes were you can get name brand shoes for a discount. They’re typically last season’s shoes, and you can find great deals on them!



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