What I’m Putting in My Kid’s Easter Baskets This Year (+ Tons of Other Ideas!)

mom and son with easter basket


Me: Floral Button Front Dress (this one is almost identical) Patent Leather Nude Pumps (more affordable version HERE), Drop Earrings

Sanny: Gingham ShirtChino and Belt Set


Easter is totally sneaking up on me this year — it’s only a week and half away!! Just yesterday I realized I hadn’t thought about my kid’s Easter baskets one bit.

I like doing Easter baskets, but I really don’t like to fill them with stuff we don’t need, and especially not more toys or tons of candy.

I enlisted your help over on Instagram and you had some fantastic ideas that I thought I’d share today!

I love making my boys match, especially for Easter!

The most common idea that you shared was SWIMSUITS for the summer. Genius! Cotton On Kids has some of my favorite suits for my boys that last season after season, and I’m loving THIS PAIR for the big boys, and THIS ONE PIECE RASH GUARD for Sanny. The trunks are on sale, 2 for $25!

Obsessed with their girl suits too. Love this FLAMINGO RASH GUARD ONE PIECE, and I kind of wish this RED GINGHAM TANKINI came in my size.

You guys also suggested new summer FLIP FLOPS, POOL TOYS, a STOMP ROCKETSUNGLASSES, and HATS. It’s the perfect excuse to give them things you’ll need to buy anyway.

Someone suggested some little RELIGIOUS BOOKS that kids can bring to church, and I love that idea. Especially because we work hard to keep our focus of Easter more on Jesus Christ than on the Easter Bunny. This EASTER COLORING BOOK would be great for older girls.



And if you still need a few other little ideas, toss in some NAIL POLISH, CHAPSTICK, or GLOW IN THE DARK STARS.



Of course I’m not such a mean mom…I’m still tossing in a few pieces of candy. But I’m planning to do sidewalk chalk, a new pair of flip flops and swim trunks for each of them, and a new book for each of them.

Leave a comment and tell me what you’re putting in your kid’s Easter Baskets this year!



  1. Valerie says:

    I love the swimsuit Idea! This year my son is getting a new helmet he needs and my daughter is getting packets of flower seeds and her own little shovel since she likes to help garden. Add a book and some candy and we’re set!

  2. I always got a new American Girl doll outfit in my Easter basket. And I loved it! (Well, until I convinced my mom that I really needed chocolate instead. 🙂 )

  3. Landen says:

    I think some gardening stuff (seeds, watering can, rain boots) would be darling!

  4. jess says:

    I’m going to do bathtub toys/bath paint for our girls.

  5. Sophie says:

    i guess the jewish version of the easter egg hunt/easter basket is getting a little prize when you find the afikoman (the hidden piece of matzah), but my grandma always made sure each kid got a prize whether we found it or not! 😉

    one year, we all got cute water bottles — nalgenes were the “it” bottle of the day, but s’well and klean kanteen have really cute prints on their kid size bottles!

    i also always wanted one of those bubble guns, but any sort of bubble toy (wand, pipe, or the kind that turns your bubbles into shapes??) were a huge hit. and i always thought it would be fun, for multiple kids, for them to each get a piece of a larger set — like puzzle pieces, or parts of the lego kit — that they’d have to connect together to create something all of them could use.

  6. vex 3 online says:

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