I’m making these:

And making these:

What are you making??

What are you making for Valentines Day?

I’m making these:

And making these:

What are you making??



  1. Packrat says:

    Probably nothing except dinner, and who knows what that will be or what time. Since my husband is basically self-employed, days like Valentine’s Day, are just another work day.:(

    Have fun with what you are doing. We used to do fun things like make cards and candy when the kids were little.

  2. craftyashley says:

    The kids are coloring (interpreted as scribbling) on some valentines to give to friends and family. It’s too cute.

  3. Chelsea says:

    The Caramel look good! What are you using it in?

  4. I am making coconut cream pie for Sammykins!

  5. Miriam says:

    These holidays just aren’t as fun without kids around to get excited about ANYTHING you do. Dave could care less if I do anything, as long as we go out for dinner he’s happy. I miss having my kids little on days like this.

  6. Yeah, I love it at the Bridge! So I was confused about the application process too. I applied in December but started this week. Once your application is in you just show up to the class(es) you want to take. You’ll pay there. Are you going full time or part time? I’m part time right now but I’d love to be full time. A couple other people just started, so you aren’t alone!

  7. That’s great! We’ll have class together on Wednesdays until I go full time. I’m so glad you are joining!

  8. Nina G says:

    Landen is home for the weekend, so that really ups the fun factor for this holiday. She and I are going to see the new Shopoholic movie this afternoon, then we’ll make a wonderful dinner of lettuce wraps, banana bread and a delicious chocolate souffle for dessert. With the 4 of us here, it will be a grand event! Candles, china, cloth napkins and all. You know me!

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