The little neck scarf is a trend that popped up a few months ago and I quickly grabbed on to it. I like it better than the choker trend (although I still like those too) because it feels more sophisticated and mature, and it’s an easy little accessory that doesn’t take any effort but makes an outfit feel super chic.

I love how they can add dimension, pattern, color, or just an unexpected accessory to any outfit.

Try these easy ways to style them:

1. Pair with a v-neck top. With a scarf tied around your neck, it can be easy to feel a little constricted and too covered up. To counteract this, open up your neckline a little more with a deep V. I wore it with a chambray button down, but I also love the idea of a crisp white button down or just a deep v-neck tee like this one.

2. Try a skinny scarf. There are few different scarf options out there right now, but the ones I’m seeing the most are the skinny scarf and the square bandana scarf. The skinny scarf is a little more versatile because you can tie it in a bow around your neck, wrap it once around your neck and leave the ends hanging long, or tie those long hanging pieces in a single knot. Nordstrom has a few other pretty ideas on their page right here!

3. Leave the ends long or short. I’ve been wearing these little neck scarves a ton lately and I’ve been playing around with how much of the scarf ends I leave sticking out of the knot. It’s fun to try different ways since it creates a totally different look. In this outfit, I wore the ends very short. But with this red scarf, I left them much longer. See the difference?

4. Knot on the side. When these little scarves first started showing up, I felt like they looked a little too western for me. I didn’t want to look like a cowgirl. But I realized that knotting them on the side of your neck, rather than straight down the middle, creates a Parisian feel — not at all cowgirl!

Now you think you can wear them?? Nordstrom has so many good ones right now, you should grab one and try it out!

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photos by rad and happy
sponsored by Nordstrom 

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  1. Kelly says:

    Would you happen to have a tutorial on how to make the long skinny pOlka dot scarf? Type of fabric?
    I love it but cant find here at home

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