As promised, here is part two of The Great Maternity Jean Hunt! If you missed part one, check it out right here. We’re going through more brands and more price points today and hopefully with all of these you’ll find the perfect pair for you!
Oh, and just like yesterday, these are in no particular order, I’m 5’6″, I wear a size 26R jean pre-pregnancy, and I’m wearing this striped top, these heels, and this necklace. Here we go!
ASOS Skinny Jeans (on sale!)
wearing size 4


  1. true to size
  2. stretchy
  3. fitted all down the leg
  4. very flattering
  5. great price point (and currently on sale!)
  6. good dark wash
  7. great ankle length
  8. Front elastic waistband panel
  1. stretches out after 1-2 wears, but rebound really nicely in the wash
NOTES: I love these jeans. They’re the perfect fit for me and super comfortable. The only downside for me is that they have to be washed after every wear because they stretch out, but besides that I highly recommend them.
  1. Good price point
  2. Good distressing
  3. Nude full belly band, great for camouflaging
  1. Runs large, order size down (size small was too big for me)
  2. Thicker, less stretchy denim
  3. Stretches out after 1 wear
  4. More of a straight leg fit — not fitted all the way down

NOTES: I heard great things about Jessica Simpson maternity jeans, but I wasn’t super impressed by these. These pictures make them look more flattering than they really were, especially in the crotch area which was a little baggy and had unflattering bleaching. I like the wash, but the fit was not great for me.

  1. runs TTS (should have ordered a size 4)
  2. super stretchy and comfortable
  3. good price point
  4. skinny and fitted all the way down
  5. Front elastic waistband
  6. Good dark wash
  7. Low ankle length
  1. Back pockets are a little high and wide
NOTES: I wish I’d gotten these ones in a size down, but besides that they were close to the perfect dark wash jean.
Wearing size small


  1. Thicker denim, but still soft and stretchy
  2. Good, flattering fit
  3. Nude full belly band
  4. Nice skinny leg, but not too tight
  5. Good price point
  1. Fake front pockets
  2. Runs a tiny bit big. Wish there was an XS to order
  3. Stretches out after 1-2 wears
NOTES: These must have been the kind people were talking about when they said they loved Jessica Simpson jeans. I personally prefer a softer denim, especially during those last few months when my bump is growing really quickly, but for a sturdy denim, these are a really great classic casual pair.
Wearing size 27
  1. Runs TTS (should have gotten my pre-pregnancy size)
  2. Perfect length
  3. Super comfortable
  4. great skinny fit
  5. side pocket panel
  6. very flattering
  1. higher price point
NOTES: It’s hard to tell from the photos because the jeans are black, but these are slightly baggy on me, especially at the crotch, because I sized up. Definitely order your normal size and then they will be the perfect fit (see the same jeans in a different wash below).
Wearing size 26


  1. Incredibly soft denim
  2. Very stretchy, but good rebound
  3. Very flattering
  4. Good price point
  5. Great dark wash
  6. Good low ankle length
  7. Side panel elastic
  8. Functioning fly
  1. Front pockets stick out a little bit as my belly grows (you can see in the main photo on my left pocket). I like functioning front pockets, but I think it’s annoying here.
NOTES: this is actually the same style of jeans as the black pair directly above. But I’m sharing both because I love the color and I got it in the right size and they fit perfectly. These jeans are so flattering, so comfortable, and so soft. And a great classic pair that will last for lots of future pregnancies (not that I’m planning on having lots more pregnancies…but you know what I mean ;))
  1. thin, comfortable denim
  2. super stretchy
  3. good dark wash
  4. good long ankle length
  5. Low price point
  6. full belly band
  1. runs slightly big
  2. stretches out quickly
  3. a little baggy at the knees
NOTES: Besides the fact that they run a little bit big so they felt baggy, these jeans are super comfortable and I’d definitely recommend them. The price is great and they’re so soft, a good length, and I liked them a lot.

wearing size 2
  1. Good dark wash jeans
  2. good length
  3. side pocket panels
  4. functioning fly
  5. Stretchy and comfortable
  6. Low price point


  1. Run big, size down one size
  2. Ankles are very skinny, so sizing down makes the waist fit better, but the ankles were tough to get over my feet
  3. Denim doesn’t have the best rebound so they stretch out after one wear
NOTES: I had heard mixed things about Old Navy’s maternity jeans for years, so I was glad to finally try them out. Hopefully you can tell from these photos how baggy these are on me. The waist especially was several inches too big and I spent the whole time pulling them up, although the ankles were tight. There are plenty of other jeans I reviewed at similar price points, and these felt the lowest quality to me.
  • Higher price point was definitely better quality. Except in the case of The 7 For All Mankind Jeans, which I featured yesterday.
  • Full belly bands are best for the end of pregnancy when your belly is super big. I definitely preferred elastic fronts or side panels during my smaller belly days, but found that those ones bunched under my belly as it got bigger.
  • Stick with your pre-pregnancy size
  • If I had to choose one pair, I would absolutely, 100%, no question choose my AG jeans. They are my favorite hands down.
  • If I had to choose a lower price pair, I’d choose this ASOS pair.
  • The pair I’d absolutely not recommend to anyone is Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans. The material was cheap, the fit was bad, and you should put your money toward a better pair.
  • If you’re tall, try H&M jeans. They were the longest jeans I tried.

If you have any other questions, leave a comment below!

photos by rad and happy


  1. Jaime says:

    This is awesome! I’m 13 weeks pregnant & just started the hunt for maternity jeans! These 2 posts from you are just what I needed!

  2. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I can only imagine how sick you were of changing your pants by the end of this haha! I love the look of the Paige Denim ones, but I love the price point of the Asos ones! This is all so perfect for our next pregnancy!


  3. Suzanne says:

    Wow! You have done a thorough, fantastic job on these posts on maternity jeans! One queetion…did you come across any jeans in your searches that were extremely short for you? I am 5′ and ALL jeans are way too long on me. Any suggestions?

    • Jamie Walton says:

      I’m 4’10”, and I usually take my jeans to the tailor. You can hem them yourself, but it’s drudgery for me. I am happy to pay the $8-10 to get them done for me. They looks so much nicer professionally done. 🙂 You can also look at petite maternity (ASOS has some) but I am a fan of the tailor because it doesn’t limit my options.

  4. What a great set of posts!! Loved this. I haven’t tried all of those, although I’ve tried a few. I’m intrigued – my favorites so far are my Seraphines – both the skinny grey luxe and the dark premium under bumps. Have you tried them?? Wondering how they compare to your top pairs….

  5. Beth says:

    Just adding my two cents. Its definitely preference on full panel jeans, but shouldn’t be listed as a con. I am very sick with my pregnancies and a low band would put too much pressure on my stomach making me more sick. I also think it depends on how you carry. My babies carry so low that a low band or side bands can’t accommodate the belly or they don’t stay up. But I have a pair with a thick lower elastic that I use specifically for the first couple weeks postpartum for keeping my belly in. Anyways fun round up, the only higher end pair I have are Joe’s Jeans which I love and H&M for more trendy pairs like motor style black jeans.

  6. Johanna says:

    What a great post. I have been searching the internet up and down for this kind of recommendation! Thank you! I am now investing in some lovely Paige Jeans…the shipping will cost me an eye over here in France but they are my favorites on your list! Much love from Paris

  7. Jamie Walton says:

    Thanks for these awesome posts! I ordered a couple of the ASOS ones in a different wash. Fingers crossed they fit!

  8. Michelle says:

    What size did you order in those H&M tees compared to your pre-preg size? H&M is all over the place with their fit!

  9. Emily K says:

    This is perfect for the next time I’m pregnant! I would love for you to do a post like this on non-maternity jeans though! I’m with you about the ankles having to be skinny, which non-maternity are your favorite?

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