The Easiest Way to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

how to clean your makeup brushes with dawn dishsoap

I used to be the worst at cleaning my makeup brushes until I discovered this inexpensive and easy solution. A cheap soap and a makeup brush cleaning mat under $10, and suddenly my makeup brushes are staying much cleaner.

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Clean your makeup brushes with this super inexpensive product you already have in your home!

I’m as guilty as the next girl for not cleaning my makeup brushes more often. But I think my biggest setback was that I didn’t know what cleanser to use, and buying a little bottle of expensive makeup brush cleaner didn’t sound ideal.

Then I realized there’s a product I always use to clean oil based stains — Dawn dish soap! Duh!

I have a huge bottle of it at all times, and it cuts through my makeup better than anything. My makeup brushes are sparkly clean now.

how to clean your makeup brushes with dawn dishsoap
clean makeup brushes dawn dishsoap
makeup brush cleaning mat dawn dish soap clean makeup brushes

This $9 makeup brush cleaning mat is a game changer for cleaning makeup brushes

There is one other tool I always use to clean my brushes that makes it so easy. This MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANING MAT is under $10 and is a total game changer.

It has little suction feet on the under side that stick to your sink, and different ridges on the top to create suds and clean your brushes super well.

Try this step by step to clean makeup brushes

Here’s what you need for cleaning your makeup brushes:

Here’s a step by step tutorial to clean makeup brushes. Do this at your bathroom counter.

  1. Fill a small bowl with dawn dish soap.
  2. Get your makeup brush damp under running water
  3. Dip the makeup brush in the dish soap – you don’t need much, a little goes a long way.
  4. Scrub the makeup brush along the cleaning mat, swirling and swiping and scrubbing to coax all the product out.
  5. Rinse under running water until the water runs clear and the brush is completely clean. Repeat with more soap and scrubbing if needed.
  6. Wipe the brush on the clean hand towel to remove excess water, and lay flat on the towel to dry. Do not place them in a cup to dry — the water will drip down into the bristles and loosen the glue.

How often should you be washing your brushes?

You should be washing your makeup brushes about once a week (don’t feel guilty — I’m not the best at regularly washing mine either!). It’s an easy routine you can do on Sunday night so your brushes are clean and dry on Monday morning, ready for a new week!


I shared my 5 minute makeup routine right here

I’m pretty quick and minimal with my makeup, and shared my five minute makeup routine RIGHT HERE!

how to clean makeup brushes with dawn dishsoap


  1. Marta says:

    I hate cleaning my makeup brushes. My back usually starts hurting halfway through from being bent over the sink and in some of my brushes, it can be really hard to rinse them because the soap gets stuck among the bristles. I used to use just hand soap but now I’m gonna start using dish soap, I never thought of that. And I have one of those cleaning mats and they’re amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsey says:

    You always post the best tips. I love this quick and practical how-to. I’ve had one of those mats for months now and haven’t used it once because I didn’t know how!! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Kelly says:

    I use dial anti-bacterial soap to clean my makeup brushes. I like to Get rid of all the bacteria as much as possible. I use the same method as above and add a drop of olive oil to keep my brushes soft.
    I HIGHLY recommend this.

  4. Nicole says:

    So I dunk mine in rubbing alcohol at the end- it fully sanitizes AND they dry more quickly, which means less bacteria build up

  5. vex 3 says:

    The way to clean up the makeup brush you share is great and effective, I’ll save and apply.

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