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Since I work during the week, Saturday’s have become our special family days. We have a weekly tradition of brunch, and have spent the last year trying out a bunch of different spots in an effort to find our very favorite.

And even though we really try to dedicate our Saturdays to just family time, I have to admit that I’m always tempted to turn them into errand running days — a chance to get everything done before the week starts again.

But Target, Costco, and grocery store runs are basically the last thing my kids want to do, or want me to do, on a Saturday (when we could be eating donuts), so they were maybe happier than me when we discovered Google Express. It’s the best site that lets you shop your favorite stores all from the same app so you can buy the products you want from the stores you love, all from one place. It’s pretty genius if you ask me. We have a specific kind of face wash and cream we use, specific Target diapers I like, and bulk toilet paper we always buy, and being able to shop for all of those at once and having all of them delivered for free the next day is a mama’s dream come true.

All Saturday errands done with the click of a button? Check. Time to get back to our very important work of finding the very best chocolate croissant within a 5 mile radius 😉

So now I have two good things for you —

1. Google Express and I teamed up to give my readers $15 toward your first Google Express purchase now through July 31.* Use code MERRICK.

2. A list of our tried and true brunch spots in Orange County! If you live in the area or are traveling here during the summer, you must try them out.

C’est Si Bon bakery. If you’re looking for an unbelievably amazing French bakery, this is it. Their fresh baguettes are out of this world, and they come fresh out of the oven every few minutes. If it’s getting close to lunch time, get a make-your-own baguette sandwich and make sure to toast it! You also must get a chocolate croissant, because these are the best ones we’ve found.
The store is almost always packed, and there are very few tables, but it’s one hundred percent worth it to wait around for a few minutes.
Anepolco. I’m typically more of a sweet brunch kind of girl (french toast, waffles, smoothies, donuts), but this place knocked my socks off. It’s a Mexican French fusion cuisine, which is so unique, and every single dish I’ve tried has been unbelievably amazing. The Perdidos is my favorite, but the chilaquiles is also unreal. They also have dessert crepes that are super good if you finish your brunch and need something sweet to top it off. This one is close to Disneyland if you’re staying around there!
Crema bakery cafe. It took us three tries to finally get into this place, but once we finally did it met all my expectations and then some. It has a restaurant and a bakery, both of which are so great. The restaurant tables are tucked in between two buildings on main street in Seal Beach (which is super pretty!), so you get a nice shady spot to eat your brunch. Get the breakfast crepe and get a pastry for dessert — you won’t be disappointed!
Rose bakery cafe. This is the cafe we go to probably the very most. It’s down in Corona Del Mar, so it’s probably the very farthest from us, but it’s so worth the drive. Their breakfast burritos are better than any I’ve ever had — my favorite is the country burrito, just make sure you sub out the potatoes for hashbrowns (because they’re crunch and crispy and amazing). They’re also pretty big, so you could definitely share and then have room for a pastry or one of their super good smoothies.
Sidecar donuts. I’m such a donut lover and since we moved here 3 1/2 years ago I’ve been on the hunt for the best donuts. I’d heard about Sidecar for months, but finally got around to trying it a few weeks ago. I’ve had a lot of donuts in my life, but these were far and away my very favorite. They have monthly specials, and this month I’d definitely recommend the raspberry and the salty caramel. Also, expect a little bit of a line, because they’re crazy popular.
Bread crumb ohana cafe. I went here a few months ago for my friend’s birthday brunch and with a table ten women, every single one of us got their North Shore french toast on Hawaiian bread. It’s very best with strawberries, macadamia nuts, and coconut syrup. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Also, it’s always packed, so make sure you plan accordingly!
Black market bakery. We happened upon this place randomly, but it was so so good. It has a fun, trendy vibe, and although seating is limited, they also have some places outside to sit if the weather is nice. We definitely recommend the scones!
La Petite Sourie. This place actually started our brunching tradition. It’s a little hole in the wall in a grocery store shopping complex, but it’s so yummy. It’s not quite as amazing as C’est Si Bon Bakery, but it’s still very authentic French. I recommend the french toast (it comes on sliced Baguettes), and then grabbing a box of macarons on your way out.

Now go use that $15 to Google Express, get your Saturday’s back, and start brunching!

*Applies only to 1st purchase (even if it’s less than the coupon value). Valid until 07/31/2016 while your account’s active. Alcohol, gift cards, membership costs and shipping & service fees excluded. For complete terms and conditions, see

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  1. Debby says:

    Great brunch spots, including a few places that are new to me! Others to check out: Haute Cakes, Eat Chow (especially the location on Newport Blvd & 18th), Lighthouse Cafe (so cute!), and when the urge for pancakes hits, it’s hard to beat the Original Pancake House or Panckes R Us!! ☺️

    • Merrick says:

      We tried Haute Cakes and we weren’t impressed…maybe we’ll have to give it a second chance. But we’ll for sure check out the other ones you mentioned. Thanks for the recs!! xx

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