This week we’ve had a heatwave in California, so I’ve had my summer wardrobe on the brain.

There are ten essentials everyone should have in their closet during the summer, and if you have at least one of each of these, your summer wardrobe should be pretty complete. They’re all pieces that are versatile and are easy to mix and match.I’m sharing the top ten below, and then sharing a few options in each category below that, so make sure you scroll to the bottom!

The collage above is clickable — click to shop!

And here are a few more shopping options in those ten categories:

1. Dresses.


They’re an essential for those warm days, but also for church and weddings and lunch with your girlfriends. You’ll want at least one casual and one dressy one!
2. Sandals.

These are the shoes you’ll wear pretty much every day. Get a neutral-ish pair so they go with a lot of different things. I’m in love with these ones.

3. Shorts.
Even in perfect-weather Southern California, it sometimes gets too hot for pants. So shorts are an essential.  Try these linen pants or a knit pencil skirt if you’re not a shorts wearer!

4. T-Shirts

You definitely need some t-shirts for summer. I love a good basic one, but I found this lace up neckline one that is a fun variation.

5. Tops.

SCALLOPED TOP  ||  LACE TOP  ||  RUFFLE SLEEVE TOPChoose versatile ones that work with shorts during the day, but also can easily be dressed up with jeans and heels for evening. This lace one would look so cute during the day with boyfriend jeans and simple sandals!

6. Sneakers.

Even though sneakers can be a little hotter than sandals, I like having some easy sneakers for summer on days where we’re running around and I want comfortable shoes. I just ordered this pair and I’m obsessed with them. Also I own these ones, and they’re so easy to slip on and off — plus they’re comfortable and the perforation makes them a little cooler for those hot days.

7. Swimsuit.


Of course you need a swimsuit for summer! There are so many gorgeous ones out there (I did a whole post right here), but these three are my current favorites.

8. Accessories.

Don’t forget those accessories! A good hat and pair of sunglasses are essential during the summer months. I usually choose a baseball cap, but I’m loving all the straw hats out there right now. And I have these sunglasses in a few colors and they’re the best.

9. Heels.

You need at least one pair of nice heels or wedges since the rest of the shoes in this list are very casual.

10. Bags.

KATE SPADE CROSSBODY  ||  FAUX LEATHER TOTE  ||  TASSEL CROSSBODYAnd don’t forget a bag! I personally usually choose a medium crossbody bag since they’re not huge, but big enough to carry the essentials, but I also love a good tote bag!

Now go get working on that summer wardrobe!


  1. Katie says:

    I’ve never been a huge hat wearer, but recently I’d rather throw on a hat than do my hair! So these are great suggestions.

    Also, a few weeks ago Old Navy was having a sale on their t-shirt dresses for just 15 bucks! If they still have them, you should definitely check them out. The one I have is perfect for summer: just the right length, comfy, and I can dress it up or down!

    Katie // thosebakergirls.com

  2. Julia Manfredi-Hobbs says:

    3/4 sleeve dresses for Summer? Not in my neck of the woods! LOL But I do like this list.

  3. Jules says:

    Love your style but can’t afford your choices!

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