Teacher Capsule Wardrobe


Dressing as a teacher can be hard – you want your outfits to be exciting but professional and comfy enough to be on your feet all day. Here is a basic teacher capsule wardrobe and some outfit ideas to get you started! 


It’s back to school season, and that means it’s time to talk about teacher outfits! I’ve had tons of requests to put together more teacher outfit ideas, after I shared THIS POST last year.

I wanted to put together some outfits with basic pieces for all the teachers – and I asked my teacher readers for their most tried and true clothing items. And instead of showing you 10 pieces and making 10 outfits with them, as many capsule wardrobes do, I wanted to share the essentials you really need, and then outfits with many of them.

Here are twenty essentials from actual teachers that you should have in your wardrobe.


20 Teacher Closet Staples

  1. No show socks
  2. Rothy’s
  3. Casual dresses (not too short and work with a sneaker)
  4. Comfy sneakers
    • These are my all time favorite sneakers. So comfy, perfect cut, and easy to wear with dresses or skirts.
  5. Biker shorts for under dresses
  6. Layering (always cold in classrooms)
  7. Colored pants (not jeans)
  8. Comfy blazers
    • If you’re not into regular blazers, a sweater blazer is a great idea that’s soft and comfy.
  9. Cardigans
  10. Tops with higher or tighter necklines so you can lean across a table
  11. White jeans
  12. Black jeans
  13. Dressy joggers
  14. Button up shirts
  15. Ankle length pants
    • I have two pairs that I’m showing in the outfits below – THIS ONE and THIS ONE. Both are great and affordable!
  16. Mules
  17. Better than basic tops
    • These are tops that are nicer than a basic tee. I’m sharing a few good ones in the outfits below!
  18. Jean jacket that allow you to move your arms
    • Look for one with elastane or spandex in the fabric so it has a little stretch!
  19. Big tote bag
  20. Tops long enough to cover your stomach when you raise your arms


Best places to shop for teacher outfits:


18 Cute and Practical Teacher Outfit Ideas

I took a bunch of these 20 teacher staples listed above and put together some teacher outfit ideas, including several hot weather teacher outfits. I hope they’ll be helpful for you, giving you outfit combination ideas, or some shopping ideas!

gray cardigan
white spanx pants
loft layered sweater
merrick white collection slate dress
denim dress sweater blazer
floral top and sweaterblazer
wide leg pants denim jacket
spanx pants
courduroy pants with floral top
wide leg pants
merrick white collection dress
denim dress


  1. Jackie says:

    I am SO excited to dig into this post! Thank you, from an upstate NY teacher!

  2. Amanda says:

    These are great! looking forward to styling similar outfits for my preschool room.

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