Summer Trends: What I’m Loving, Hating, and Choosing Instead

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There are a lot of summer trends this season. While I’m excited about some, there are a few I just can’t get on board with! Here’s what trends I’m loving, which ones I’ll be skipping, and what I’m choosing to wear instead. 


Wow – there are so many new (and lasting!) summer trends. From oversized graphic t-shirts to long denim skirts to the long-lasting Birkenstocks, there’s a lot going on. There are some trends I absolutely love, and others I will be for sure skipping. Here are 5 trends I’m skipping, and ideas on what to wear instead!

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Summer 2023 trends I’m loving, skipping, and what I’m wearing instead

Oversized graphic tees. These are still going STRONG, and are a favorite among the teens for summer with tiny shorts so it looks like they’re not wearing shorts. I love a good graphic tee, but super oversized is not for me. Instead, I’m choosing graphic tees that are a little more true to size. I don’t want them skin tight, but I want them a length that allows me to half tuck easily, and I’m wearing them with longer shorts or cropped wide leg pants. My favorite graphic tee ever is THIS ONE (code MERRICK15 works for 15% off) and MOUNTAIN MOVERZ graphic tees (my code MERRICK20 works for 20% off).

Long denim skirts. Maxi length denim skirts are straight out of the 90’s, and they’re going to be a no from me. I LOVE a knee length denim skirt, and mini denim skirts, but ankle or floor length ones are so heavy and bulky looking. THIS KNEE LENGTH ONE is super cute.

Overalls. I think overalls are cute on so many people, but I just haven’t found a pair that I really love. If you like them, wear them. But I feel like a toddler in them and they’re going to be a no from me.

Birkenstocks. These are super supportive shoes that I know a lot of people need, but I just don’t love them. If we had to choose between Crocs and Birks, I’d for sure choose Birks, but I’m choosing a sleeker leather sandal.

Hot pink. With the Barbie moving coming out this month, Barbie pink has been the color of the summer and I’m loving it. Give me all the hot pink nail polish, tops, dresses, and accessories!

Shades of green (Kelly, chartreuse). Kelly green is the color of the summer, but chartreuse is suddenly everywhere too. I love and am a huge fan of both of them. I think they look good on everyone and are such fun and bright, bold colors.

Cargo pants. When I saw these coming back, it was a HARD NO for me. Anything that adds bulk to my hips is just going to be a no. But I have seen a few that aren’t SO bad. As long as the pockets are flat, I think they can work. But I’d prefer to wear a straight or wide leg pant with no pockets.

Linen dresses. These come around every year in the summer, and they’re extremely classic. But right now linen is both classic AND trendy, so I’m fully on board with this trend. I bought THIS ONE for our trip to Europe and it’s fantastic and super classic.

Cut outs in dresses. This is a huge trend that’s everywhere right now, and while I don’t hate it and I think it can look cute, I feel like it’s the same as the cold shoulder trend…it’ll look super dated in a couple of years. My prediction is that this will be a flash in the pan trend, so it’s not worth investing in.

Puffed sleeves. These are still going strong, and I think they’re a really fun trend. I don’t think they work for everyone…if your shoulders are already broad they might be too much for you, but I think they’re a great way to add a feminine touch to your outfit. I’m a fan. Also there are varying levels…you can do SUPER puffy, but some are really subtle, so if you’re nervous about them, you can go for more subtle.

Asymmetrical. The one shoulder tops and asymmetrical hemlines are making their way back. Personally I think one shoulder swimsuits are so pretty…I have several. But one sleeve and one shoulder tops for everyday feel a little much for me, and I am not a huge fan of the asymmetrical hemlines.

Tennis skirts. Tennis skirts and athletic dresses are huge right now. I think they’re cute for playing tennis and pickleball. Personally I wouldn’t wear them for everyday, but I have seen women wearing to amusement parks and I think it can work. I certainly don’t hate them, and I think it’s a great alternative to biker shorts, which was the previous athleisure craze. I’ve tried a few and THIS ONE is my favorite (code MERRICKXSPANX works for 10% off plus free shipping and returns).

Bucket Hats. Personally I hate them. I think they look so ridiculous. I’ll be wearing my baseball caps instead! This is a fun new one that I just got — it’s SUPER soft and I love the hot pink color.


Any other trends that I missed that you’re wondering about?? Tell me in the comments!




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  5. I think it’s similar to the chilly shoulder trend…It’ll be outdated in two years.

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