Summer Trends: What I’m Loving, Hating, and Choosing Instead

crocheted coverup

There are a lot of summer trends this season. While I’m excited about some, there are a few I just can’t get on board with! Here’s what trends I’m loving, which ones I’ll be skipping, and what I’m choosing to wear instead. 



Every season there are always new trends — and not all of them are worth trying. This season we’re seeing lots of mesh, sheer fabrics, mens boxers as everyday shorts, crochet, one shoulder pieces, and more. There are some of these summer trends I absolutely love, and others I will be for sure skipping. Here are a few summer trends I’m loving,  skipping, and ideas on what to wear instead!

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Summer 2024 trends I’m loving, skipping, and what I’m wearing instead

Crocheted: Crocheted items are always a big item during the summer, but this summer they’re especially popular. We’re seeing lots and lots of crocheted coverups, bags, skirts, tanks, and more. I absolutely love this trend and think it’s here to stay all summer and into the next few summers. So if you have your eye on something crocheted, don’t be afraid to snag it! THIS PINK COVERUP is one of my favorites that I bought this summer for our cruise.

Capri pants. Remember pedal pushers from the 90’s? Well they’re coming back and they’re awful. I hate them with a fiery passion. Please don’t wear them. Choose a short that’s above the knee, or if you want a little more leg coverage, choose a cropped ankle pant that hits you around your ankle bone or a little shorter.

Boxer Shorts. This is a trend that is suddenly everywhere and I’m honestly not sure what to make of it. It’s actually men’s boxer shorts worn as women’s shorts. I think women like them cause they’re super lightweight and comfy, and in some circumstances they might be cute. I have a pair that’s similar in style that I wore as a swim coverup on a recent trip, and I think that totally works. But as everyday shorts? I won’t be wearing them. I recently bought THIS PAIR of pants that’s a similar vibe, but it’s a pant instead of a short and feels a little less casual.

Mesh Flats. These are my least favorite summer trend. I have a pair of WOVEN FLATS that I really, really love, but the actual mesh and clear ones are awful, in my opinion. They remind me of those mesh slides from the 90’s that we all loved — REMEMBER THESE??

Bright colors: I love all the color that’s here this summer! I haven’t really seen one major standout color that is everywhere – it’s more just lots of color, unusual and unexpected colors combined together, and lots of solid brights. The more color, the better!

Barrel Jeans: I still haven’t gotten on the barrel jeans bandwagon, and I’m here to say I don’t think I ever will. If I wanted to look bow-legged, then these would be the jeans for me. Instead, I’m choosing a cropped wide leg style with no bowing.

Linen Pants: YES to linen pants! You can find them in all styles and shapes and they’re all classic. Try a full length, a cropped length, or a short…try them in a tailor fit, a looser fit, or a drawstring fit. Yes to it all. Summer is all about linen…wear it!

Money hair pieces: Remember in the 90’s when we all had to pull those two strings out of our ponytail and they hung like rats tails over our forehead? Well…they’re back. But they’re a little more elevated than they were in the 90’s…a little more hair in that pulled out section, and a little less greasy. But still I’m not a fan. I like the whispies that are pulled out of a bun to look a little effortless, but the two distinct pieces are a no-go for me.

Tube socks: My boys are obsessed with tube socks, and for this reason, I just am sticking to my ankle socks. I prefer seeing the full leg, and I think the white sock (thick and thin) ruin the look. I’m a no-go on the tube socks.

Ballet Flats. I mentioned that woven pair of ballet flats above, and that’s basically the only style that I’m liking right now. Most ballet flats feel a little too “ballet” for me. I prefer something that feels a little more like a shoe than a dancing slipper. I’m not opposed to them, but I’m very picky about them.

One Shoulder. The one shoulder was really big in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and it’s back again! I really like one shoulder swimsuits (you can see one of my favorites HERE), but the one shoulder dress or top with a long sleeve and no sleeve (like THIS) just feels off to me. I’m not a fan.

Athletic dresses:THIS ONE from Amazon That sporty, preppy style is very much in right now, and I love it. Athletic skirts and dresses have stuck around from last summer, and I think they’re here to stay for a while. I just picked up and am excited to wear it!


Any other trends that I missed that you’re wondering about?? Tell me in the comments!




  1. slope says:

    Maxi dresses are back in style this summer, and I’m loving it. They’re comfortable, breezy, and perfect for any summer occasion.

  2. I think it’s similar to the chilly shoulder trend…It’ll be outdated in two years.

  3. Ashton says:

    Your thoughts on barrel jeans made me laugh out loud. The first time I saw a pair of them, I thought it looked like the person had been riding a horse for too long!

  4. Katie Andersen says:

    What is your take on the baggie or wide leg bermuda shorts ive been seeing? They seem so unflattering COMPARED to a slimmer fit. Thoughts?

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