The Summer Style Guide: Sneakers

Can you wear sneakers in the summer? Absolutely! There are a few tips you’ll want to follow to keep your summer sneaker outfits looking great.

denim shorts summer style guide

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Why the “before” sneakers outfit needs improvements:

  • I love wearing sneakers in the summer when you need a sturdier shoe. But true athletic sneakers can feel very masculine in an outfit and make it feel clunky.
  • Cut off denim shorts are a great option, but wearing them with a super fitted tee makes the shorts bulge out around the fly and waist underneath the tee in an unflattering way. So instead of a fitted tee, we can choose something better!
  • No accessories makes the outfit feel plain and unfinished.


A few easy ways to improve your summer outfits with sneakers

  • Instead of a clunky athletic shoe, try a slim fashion sneaker! White is my top choice for a crisp look, but you could do another color or print as well.
  • I chose a nice white blouse to balance the denim shorts, which are more masculine with the fit and length.
  • Also defining the waist with a tuck or half tuck helps elongate your leg line, especially with a longer short.
  • Don’t forget no-show socks to keep a nice clean leg line!
  • And of course accessories help finish the outfit…you don’t need anything fancy, just a few bracelets and a pair of earrings is great!


If you’re more of a visual person, here’s the same advice in action


summer style guide sneakers
summer style guide sneakers

Looking to add some summer to your closet?

I did a post just a few weeks ago about summer sneakers and shared tons of shopping options. Check them out here!

Other summer outfits with sneakers you might like

pleated skirt with graphic tee
gingham dress with white sneakers

Why these outfits work:

  • Outfit 1:
    • of course you can wear sneakers with skirts and dresses during the summer! This midi length skirt works with sneakers when you balance it with a casual tee. The slim and low cut fashion sneaker works with a longer midi skirt!
  • Outfit 2:
    • a basic white sneaker is great for summer dresses. This dress defines my waist, shows off a leg line, and the white sneaker makes it a little more casual without being TOO casual.


bermuda shorts outfits
bermuda shorts with white blouse

Why these outfits work:

  • Outfit 3:
    • A classy button up shirt is a great option with cut off shorts in the summer, and you could wear sandals, but also sneakers work great! Choose ones that are summery in a light color/print or bright white, and don’t forget to define your waist with a half or full tuck (or an untucked top that doesn’t drown you in fabric).
  • Outfit 4
    • This outfit would totally work with summer sandals, but sneakers are a great option with cut off shorts and a cute better than basic top! Adding a few accessories and a half tuck help the outfit feel finished!

I hope this helps you put together great summer outfits with sneakers!


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