Cute Summer Baseball Hats

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I love a good summer hat. They’re a great accessory for summer for the beach or the pool or an everyday outfit, and they give your face a little extra coverage when you’re outside a little more!


Need a good summer hat? I love wearing hats in summer. Baseball hats are my very favorite because they add such a cute, casual element to an outfit, and you can wear them without feeling like you’re trying so hard.

I have a post RIGHT HERE with some ways to add baseball hats to your summer outfits (YES, I wear them with skirts and dresses!!), so if you need some outfit ideas, check that out.


Cute Summer Baseball Hats

Favorite summer baseball hats


1. PINK BASEBALL HAT. I bought this hat in hot pink (seen in the photo above) when it came out and it is literally the softest baseball hat I’ve ever worn. It’s so comfy!! Highly recommend. It’s no longer available in hot pink in the “NY” version,  but it is in the “LA” version!

2. LONG SIDE BASEBALL HAT. If you want to cover your ears with your baseball hat (I always do) this is the best one. It’s super long on the sides!

3. MADEWELL BASEBALL HAT. I own this hat in several colors — it’s one of my all time favorites. I love the leather contrast strap in the back, and it’s on sale right now in a bunch of fun bright colors!

4. SUEDE BASEBALL HAT. I don’t own this exact hat, but I have one almost identical to it from Zappos years ago and it’s one of my all time favorite hats. The pink suede is so versatile and looks cute with everything.  You can see me wearing mine in the first two outfits of this post.

5. PONYTAIL BASEBALL HAT. If you’re a ponytail girl, this one allows you to put your ponytail through the back and it closes up around it! So smart!

6. SMILEY FACE BASEBALL HAT. This is another good hat with low sides, if you want ear coverage. It comes in a bunch of other colors and is so cute!






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