Snow Day

When I was still in school, I rode the bus to and from school every single day. Because of this daily occurrance, I became a friendly face to each and every bus driver for the 831 bus line. I read an article about bus etiquette one time and it mentioned that drivers wish their riders wouldn’t talk to them because it distracts them. Not my bus drivers – each and every one yakked it up with me for the 20 minutes I rode everyday. I personally loved that they knew me, especially cause I no longer had to show them my bus pass. They knew who I was.

One particular bus driver, Barbara, was my favorite. She’d tell me about her grandkids, her farm that she and her husband owned, etc. One particular day in February she said she’d been listening to the radio. Then she proceeded to tell me that freeway exits were closed, many accidents had occurred, traffic on the 1-15 was at a standstill, it was taking people over 8 hours to get from Provo to SLC (or SLC to Provo), people were running out of gas, using the freeway as a restroom, etc etc etc.

Today at lunch the ladies in the office and I were talking about this particular day. Apparently it was one girl in my office’s birthday. And she spent it sitting on the freeway. Happy Birthday.

Then after lunch Philip called and said a snow storm had started in Salt Lake, where he works. “It’s on its way south,” he said.

Then another girl in the office got a call from her husband. “Remember that terrible snow storm last February? It’s going to be another one of those. You better head home now.” It was not even 3pm and she left for the day.

I just looked outside and her car is back here. Her freeway exit is closed, so she’s probably camping out here for the night. Philip just called and said, “Don’t plan on me being home until 10pm tonight.” He also said, “It will probably take you 40 minutes to get home.” Usually it takes me 10.

Apparently this whole “Global Climate Change” thing is real. IT’S A BLIZZARD!!



  1. Mary says:

    I just drove home from my parents house which is normally a 10 minutes or less drive. It took me over 30 minutes this time and it wasn’t even rush hour (and there were slide-offs all over the place). I just called Josh at work and told him to take the bus and Trax home tonight. I often try to pick him up, but there is no way I’m going back out in that (plus Trax is probably a better option tonight anyway!) Good luck getting home!

  2. Lisa says:

    ugh! I hate the snow for this very reason. I don’t expect to see Jeremy anytime soon either.

  3. Packrat says:

    Tell me about it! And, the news said that the winter storm warning (for here) had been cancelled!

    Last night, we drove (well, my husband drove and I rode – praying “please slow down, please slow down.” when he wasn’t even going fast) 50 miles to our office Christmas party last night – mostly in snow and on ice – in one of the many parts of Idaho where you go over a high pass and then drop down to where there is a river on one side of the highway (no guardrails) and a rock cliff on the other side.

    Then we came home in a snowstorm on unplowed roads. Even my husband was nervous. (We could have waited and come home in the daylight, but nooo, we just had to come home last night.) Yeah for a good driver, an alert guardian angel, and for a Subaru!

    I guess one thing to be thankful for was that the weather was so bad that there weren’t any drunks out driving around (although we saw quite a few suicidal deer along the highway).

    I’ll still take my chances in rural Idaho over fighting the expressways and freeways – been there, done that.

    Anyway, I hope everyone arrived home safely!

  4. Me too. Went to Vernal yesterday, clear as a bell – came out of a store to heavy snow fall. I was grateful for the tail lights of the car in front of me all the way to Roosevelt!

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