One of the big trends this year is flared denim. Have you tried it yet? I wore flares all throughout high school and college, but this time they’re coming back in a really chic and updated way. And honestly I think they’re so incredibly flattering on most figures (much more so than skinny jeans, although we’re all used to our inverted triangle shapes by now).

Try these tips for buying and styling this trend:

1. Think about wash and length. Dark wash denim is always more flattering and makes your legs look leaner. And the new flares are all long, which gives you a super long leg line, which is flattering on everyone. So choose dark wash with a longer inseam for the most figure flattering jeans.

2. Add a heel. With those longer inseams, you’ll need a little lift. You do not want your hem to drag on the ground, so choose a shoe that lets your jeans sit about half an inch above the ground. For a dressier look, choose stilletos, but for a casual everyday look stick with a wedge like I did here.

3. What to wear on top? When you’re used to wearing only skinny jeans, it can be hard to transition back to wearing other styles of jeans and figure out how to style them. But the thing about this style of denim is that it’s flattering with pretty much everything. Loose button downs, like the one I’m wearing above, slouchy tees like this, fitted tees (I wore a similar look last fall right here), oversized tops, jackets, crop tops, and even with a belt and your top tucked in. I found a bunch of inspiration on Pinterest and pinned a few to my Dressing Myself board if you want to check it out.

Think you’ll try this trend like my sisters and I did?

Now go hop over to Janssen and Landen’s blogs and see how they’re styling their flared jeans!

photos by rad and happy 


  1. Natali says:

    Fantastic pair of flares!!! I like this casual and minimalistic outfit very much!

  2. Sarah says:

    All the new flares are long…a little too long. I tried on a pair and they would have still been too long with my highest wedges!

  3. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I’ve really been wanting to add a pair of chic flared denim like this to my closet! I have one straight led pair of pants, but all the rest are skinnies, and I really want to branch out a little more! I love this pair on you!


  4. Kayla FrecklesinApril says:

    I am SO HAPPY flares are back. They’ve been nearly impossible to find the past few years.

  5. Monica Packer says:

    Super helpful, thank you! I’m wearing mine today with loafers, since they’re not long.

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Last time we did a Trying Out a Trend post for Raiding My Sister’s Closet, we chose hats. This time around we got significantly braver and chose leather (or faux leather, as the case may be). Like I am with most trends, it took me a little while to warm up to leather, but now I have probably at least eight items in my closet that are faux leather or are faux leather embellished. I love that it’s a trend that you can incorporate as much or as little as you want. 
So since a lot of leather or leather embellished pieces (like my favorite jacket and my new favorite tunic) aren’t scaring me so much these days, I went with something a little more out of my comfort zone — an entire skirt made of faux leather! I wore it to church on Sunday and Philip did mention that he liked it, but thought it was maybe a little loud for church. He’s probably right. But I still love it. 
skirt: chicwish c/o
heels: target
necklaces: inpink & hello fab c/o
clutch: windsor c/o
watch: burberry 
Now go check out how Janssen and Landen tried out leather!


  1. Kimberly says:

    Love the subtle quilting detail on this skirt! I know what you mean about dressing for church – I always have the hardest time trying to find something that is both stylish & conservative without being over the top 🙂

  2. you own this look…i love it!

  3. I'm pretty sure I've seen this on Leanne too and I love it on both of you! Such a great skirt. I don't find it too loud unless your church is ultra-conservative.

  4. Emily Hash says:

    Where is the gray tunic from you wore on babble? I'm in love!

  5. That looks amazing on you!!!! So chic. I love the length on it, too. I can see how it might be a bit much for the Mormons but it's definitely perfect for a date night or cocktail party. I would love that skirt with a crisp white button up, layers of pearls, a big bun or chignon, red lipstick, and oversized sunglasses. So Parisian chic.

  6. eden says:

    as a mormon, i think that skirt is great for church!

    that being said, i'm soooo not brave myself, so i doubt i would ever wear it… anywhere. (maybe after i lose 50 lbs…) (: but i think it's beautiful!

  7. This faux leather skirt is gorgeous! I like the combination with plaid, and the statement necklace is very pretty.


  8. Pamala says:

    This might be one of my most favorite outfits you have posted. I've been on the fence about this skirt and I think you just encouraged me to purchase! Can I ask what size you ordered? Is it true to size? I'm in between sizes a bit and not sure if I should size up or down.

  9. Yolennie says:

    That skirt is absolutely adorable, has a bit of vintage vibe and I love it! Paring it with a plaid shirt really tones it down and makes the outfit more casual and cute <3


  10. Tabet says:

    Lovely pictures and a great outfit! 🙂

  11. Kristina says:

    That skirt is gorgeous!!! I love the way you styled it.

    Kristina does the Internets

  12. Chelsea says:

    I love this full leather skirt! You look gorgeous Merrick.

    Chelsea & The City

  13. Colby says:

    This outfits is PERFECTION! I love the edginess of the skirt but paired with the gingham top it adds femininity to it. LOVE IT!

  14. Dhruvi says:

    Ahhhh I am obsessed with this look, Merrick! You look so great! The gingham & leather mix is fall perfection! I recently styled plaid with leather on my blog – here!

    Stilettos & Sequins

  15. This look is so gorgeous! I love the addition of the necklace – so pretty. I saw you at style elixir link up 🙂

  16. Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions! Love your look. xo Jess

  17. LyddieGal says:

    I am dying of this skirt – it is just too cute!
    Chic on the Cheap

  18. steven says:

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Within our Raiding My Sister’s Closet series, we’re starting a new series, called “Trying Out A Trend.” Sometimes new trends are so scary for me to try, but if I’m doing it with my sisters I figure we’ll all look stupid or awesome together, and that puts my mind a little more at ease 🙂

So today we’re trying out the hat trend.

jacket: c/o windsor // t-shirt: old navy // jeans: c/o windsor // sandals: target (similar) // bracelet: c/o the impeccable pig // watch: michael kors // hat: target (black – in stores only) // lipstick: maybelline “fuchsia fever”

This is actually not a trend I’m super scared of, and I’ve worn hats a handful of times on here. So to challenge myself a little more, I’m combining it with another trend — camouflage. Philip is not a fan of either of these trends (or lipstick, for that matter) so this is probably the worst possible outfit in his book, but I love my new camo skinnies and love the juxtaposition of girly lipstick and masculine camo.

What are your thoughts on hats (and camouflage, since we’re talking about it)? If you post or have posted about hats, leave me a link in the comments!

Then hop on over to Janssen and Landen’s blogs and see how they styled their hats!



  1. Kimberly says:

    This is so cute! Love your camo pants and I'm totally on board with the hat trend – bought that same baseball cap in blue & am wearing it on the blog later this week 🙂

  2. You look great in hats! I love it with your long hair. And the camo skinnies are so fun.


  3. JoLee says:

    I love the whole outfit. I love wearing hats, and I would give camo a try too. I think you look great.

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wearing my camo pants! Hats… I'm still working on, just not my thing. (:

  5. Albertemor says:

    Love the look. You look awsome. And dó live the pants. There is just sommetider with the camo look that attracs mé.

  6. Nicole says:

    I LOVE the camo trend! I am from the west (ID, UT, CA) and my husband and I just moved to West Virginia for grad school… and I am so sad!!! I feel like I can't wear my camo crop skinnies here! Because here they are TOO cool… if you get my drift. EVERYONE– young, old, fat, tall… but particularly the old and bearded- wear camo all the time. It's no longer cute and trendy but a sign of being backwoods West Virginia! haha! so sad!! Wish I was living the in West or the city, then I could rock them again! oh well 🙂

  7. Tabet says:

    great pictures and a sweet outfit.
    I love the pants.

  8. Janssen says:

    I love how different all our hats are.

    Also, camo will ALWAYS remind me of Jenae Ripplinger.

  9. Love those camo skinnies. The hat thing I am still trying to get on board with as with the utility coat thing (is there a name for them?) but you look adorable as always. I always think I look dumb in hats, especially baseball caps so I generally steer clear of them.

  10. Enid Hubbard says:

    can i say i like the girl's hat!

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