Yesterday I went to the school district office to turn in all of Peanut’s paperwork and pay for the first month of preschool. This means that summer is officially coming to a close. I love this time of year — the back to school shopping, the final summer vacations, the preparations for the school year ahead, the beginning of fall…it has always been a time full of excitement and anticipation for a new school year and a fresh start.

But among all those things, back to school shopping is my favorite these days. And in that vein, today we’re doing a little round up of our favorite things around the web — an end of summer wish list with a few things I’m wanting to add to my closet (and studio) as the summer comes to a close.

1. Leopard Heels. I have a pair of leopard flats from Target that I wear all the time, and I love that they add a perfect pop of pattern to any outfit. But after seeing Boden’s new catalog for fall, and seeing how every patterned dress and brightly colored sweater was paired with leopard pumps, they flew to the top of my wish list. These ones from 6pm have a beautiful large leopard print and are an amazing price for the designer brand.

2. Gold pendant necklace. I recently pinned an image of some beautiful layered gold pendant necklaces and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I have a zillion statement necklaces, but very few delicate pieces, so I’m wanting to add a few to my collection that can be paired and layered. This one from Forever 21 is simple and stunning.

3. Trench Coat. I have a super old black trench coat that is all worn and faded, so this fall I’m looking to replace it since a lighter weight coat is mostly all I’ll need during the temperate Huntington Beach winters. This one from Sheinside is so pretty with military style buttons and an a-line silhouette.

4. Small Camel Cross Body Bag. I have several large camel colored bags, but I’d really like a smaller cross body bag. I love this Michael Kors one, but this one from 6pm is pretty similar and $200 cheaper.

5. Designer Heels. In the last few years I’ve become a total shoe lover. Although I’d never spend $1700 on a pair of shoes, I’m dying over these gorgeous blue crystal heels from Valentino.

6. Sewing Machine. I haven’t done any research about new machines, but I’m itching to replace my ancient hand-me-down Kenmore (which, I do have to say, has been so good to me). I’ve heard great things about the Brother, so once it’s time to bite the bullet I think I’ll be headed in their direction.

Now go check out Janssen and Landen’s end of summer wish lists!



  1. kate says:

    Hi Merrick! My husband is a professional pattern maker turned stay at home etsy maker, and for a long time he was using my hand-me-down cheap machine I got in high school. Last Christmas I bought him this Brother machine because it's originally close to $500 but Amazon permanently has it under $150. He loves it and has been very happy with it, so thought I would recommend it to you. Good luck!

    (if the link doesn't work, it's the Brother CS6000i on Amazon–also great reviews!)

  2. Mindy says:

    Brothers are really good machines. I've had mine for years with no issues.

    • Mindy says:

      If you're looking for somewhere local to get one when you decide on a machine, I've had good experiences with Moore's Sewing Center in Huntington Beach–it's across the street from the Westminster mall(Bolsa & Goldenwest), and in the same center as a Joann's.

  3. Jodie Marie says:

    I miss going back to school and the feeling that comes with it! I love the necklace here x

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

  4. I recently just bought my own Brother sewing machine. Love it!


  5. Janssen says:

    My Brother machine does really well sitting in my bottom drawer 99% of the time. So basically, my usage has NOTHING to do with your usage. . .

  6. Landen says:

    I am really wanting a new machine, too…. There is a store having a big sale here this weekend, and I am SOOOO tempted! I can't believe that Peanut is in pre-school! Crazy!

  7. Kristina says:

    Leopard heels are definitely on my wishlist too, I love that they can spruce up any outfit.

    Kristina does the Internets

  8. Hailey says:

    i love those leopard heels!! eek!

  9. Cassandra says:

    I have a Brother sewing machine and love it! They are great quality.

  10. Haylee says:

    Ok I love you for posting about the sewing machine! Because I too am wanting to upgrade and I've been loving reading all these helpful comments, thank you!

  11. Keri says:

    I want to upgrade too. I am also looking a new machine.

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