What Does Your Perfect Mother’s Day Look Like?

what does your perfect mother's day look like?


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When Philip and I got married, I told him I expected flowers on Valentine’s Day and my birthday. And then when our boys were born, I added Mother’s Day to that list.

I’ve always been a flower lover, and if you come into my house at any given time, you’ll usually find a bouquet of fresh flowers on the counter. So flowers for these special holidays is a must in my book. I don’t need big gifts, or a fancy date night — in fact, my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day is pretty darn simple.

I’m excited to be partnering with 1-800-FLOWERS to share my idea of a perfect Mother’s Day and to GIVE AWAY a beautiful bouquet to one of you for your mom or someone you love!


breakfast in bed for mother's day
The most gorgeous tulips from 1-800-Flowers.com
snuggles with my boys is the best way to spend Mother's Day
I cannot get over Fos' homemade cards. They're my favorite!

Here are a few things that make my Mother’s Day celebrations perfect:


As I mentioned above, flowers make holidays so special for me. I like to have flowers for any occasion, but especially for days like Mother’s Day. 1-800-Flowers.com has been an industry leader for Mother’s Day gifts for more than 40 years, so you’d better believe they have the best selection of bouquets. They even have succulents and other plants that your mama can keep long after Mother’s Day! You can order online, they deliver nationwide, and they have a broad range of price points so there’s something for everyone.

Literally everyone loves flowers, so it’s a gift where you cannot go wrong!

We have the Expressions of Pink bouquet with a variety of gorgeous pink flowers, and also the most gorgeous bunch of ombre pink and white tulips, but they have many more options HERE!


I’m always the first one up in the house, and I’m also the one who makes breakfast. So one day a year, I like to sleep in and let someone else take care of breakfast. The boys brainstormed what they could make on their own, and they came up with toast with jam, and oatmeal with bananas. It was the cutest thing!


Fos LOVES to draw, so he’s always the first to make homemade cards. And really, is there anything better than a homemade card? I treasure these little drawings and notes he makes me.


More than anything, the best way to celebrate being a mama is to spend time with the ones who made me a mama! It’s nice to sleep in, and it’s nice to have breakfast in bed, but having some squirmy, giggly, crazy boys jump in my bed and steal the covers, or beat me in a card game, or go for an evening walk together is better than any other way I could spend my Mother’s Day.


Now it’s your turn — tell me your perfect Mother’s Day…even if you’re not a mom!

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thank you to 1-800-Flowers.com for sponsoring this post!
photos by Priscilla Frey

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  1. This year it will be a call from my son who is serving as a missionary in Africa!

  2. Yelena says:

    My first mothers Day as a mother to my perfect little 10 moNth old daughter, Sara. Im looking forward to smothering her with snuggles because shes growing way too fast! She has Helped me become a better person and its an honor to Be her mother

  3. Jenni Pendleton says:

    I don’t usually expect much on mother’s day, but I do ask to go to this fancy catered breakfast in our town. I live in rural Oregon and this is very special for our area. Last year was extra special, since I had just given both to my second son and my mom, who lives in a different country, was here too!

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