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How I’m Doing on My New Year Resolutions

a unique and fun top for spring and summer

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Yellow Lace Top (wearing size 4), Abercrombie Skinny Jeans, M.Gemi Nude Flats, Old Vince Camuto Bag (Similar HERE), Leather Watch Band, Karen Walker Sunglasses


Last week I started thinking about my new year resolutions…you know, like the ones I made back in January.

I did a blog post about four of the goals I wanted to work on this year (you can read that post HERE), and when I went back to look through them, I’m embarrassed to admit that I had completely forgotten about two of them.

So I’m doing a little accountability update today — and sharing this pretty yellow lace top I wore last week.  

mustard yellow top with dark wash leggings
mustard yellow embroidered top

a perfect little embroidered top for spring
the prettiest little lace top
my favorite nude flats go with everything in my closet

Here are the four goals I shared and how I’m doing on each of them:

Re-learn how to play the piano.

I started out great on this one. I found this YouTube channel by Dan the Composer that was all about how to learn to play the piano, and dedicated one hour to working on it each Sunday afternoon. I did well for about the first three weeks of the year, but I’ve sat down only twice since then. Time to get back on the wagon because I really want to do this one.

Oh, but I do have to mention that one week in church we needed someone to play the piano in class. I volunteered and played a song from our hymnal that I’d learned back in high school and although it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t bad. So that’s better than nothing!

Put my phone away by 8pm every night

I have to be honest, I completely forgot about this one. Time to be accountable again and put that phone away at night.

Run a 5K every week

I’ve actually done okay at this one! It took me a few months to build up the endurance and speed to run a complete 5K in my short running window each morning (I only have about thirty minutes before I have to be home to get the boys up and ready for school). I’ve been working on my speed, and in the last three weeks I’ve run a 5K every single week, and many of my other running days are close to that distance. I’m freaking proud of myself!

Keep a gratitude journal

This one completely slipped my mind too. But this is why I’m doing this check in, because it helps me be accountable again!



So now it’s your turn…did you set new year resolutions or goals? And how are you doing on them? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Natali says:

    You are looking so cute in this retro chic combo! Love your top!

  2. Torrie says:

    I love setting new year’s resolutions and have done so for years, but since I knew this year would be a bit crazy (I’m having my second child in july), I decided to go with a 101 in 1001 list, which I actually have been loving–I feel like it gives me more flexibility than new year’s resolutions (as well as more time, obviously), and I also like how it’s more of a combination of a bucket list and a habits-to-form list.

    And great job on your running! Every time I get into good running shape, I always swear I’ll never let myself get out of it because it really is an amazing feeling.

  3. Jodi says:

    Love these goals and i feel you on the phone. One of my goals was to put Mine away at dinner…whoops! A SUggestion For your phoNe goal Is Maybe set an alarm For 7:55 so you know you have 5 min left until you take it to another room to charge for the night? Good luck!! Youre crushing it!

  4. Mish says:

    I set goals in six areas of my life and I’ve started or achieved parts of the goal or goals in three of the categories that I decided upon at the beginning of the year. My word for the year was ‘be brave’ and I am sort of on the way to being more like that in my everyday but I know that I will never be perfect. Accountability check-ins are a great idea 🙂

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