Our Family’s Skeleton Halloween Costumes

skeleton family costume

I’m so excited to share our family skeleton Halloween costumes for this year! We had so much fun putting these costumes together and here are all the details.



It’s time for another fun family Halloween costume!

We had such a hard time coming up with something that everyone would participate in, that was creative and not overdone, and wasn’t something the boys would hate. We circled around a ton of different ideas and finally landed on skeletons.

I knew I wanted everyone’s faces to be painted, and I knew I wanted us in all black, but we couldn’t decide if we wanted to be super fancy or if we wanted to be more rockstar style. Our family was a little split on the decision, but finally we landed on fancy.


Where I got all of our items for the costumes

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on fancy tuxedos, especially just for Halloween, but I wanted that super elevated, dressy look. So I went to a cheap website and found a gorgeous black floor length dress for me (with a skeleton bodysuit underneath), a jacket for PW, and suits for the boys. Then I bought skeleton gloves and black bowties for the boys on Amazon, and also found the black and white face paint on Amazon.

Once I’d ordered everything and we’d discussed it as a family, my youngest suddenly decided he would NOT let anyone paint his face. We spent weeks talking about it and every time I brought it up, he was adamant that he would not do it and wanted a mask instead.

Somehow PW convinced him the day of the church trunk or treat to paint it, and he did it! It was a Halloween MIRACLE.


Taking the Halloween pictures

We had decided we needed spooky pictures of our costumes in a graveyard, and I’d meant to scout out a good location, but in the craziness of the last few weeks, I totally forgot.

And then of course it was pouring rain on the day of our church party and we were running late (after being in charge of the party and spending hours at the church setting up).

As I did my skeleton makeup, I asked PW to find a graveyard we could potentially take pictures at, and he found one literally 0.7 miles up the road from our church. Thank goodness. We got everyone’s makeup done, piled in the car, and it was just barely sprinkling as we drove to the graveyard. We got there and it was totally deserted, it was perfect dusk lighting, and gorgeous red leaves littered the grass around the headstones, making it look spooky and so “fall.”

The rain let up for literally 3 minutes right as we pulled up, I jumped out and set up the camera. As I turned on the camera, it gave me a “low battery” alert, flashing red in the corner saying it was about to die. NOOO!

I set it up for continuous snap (taking 10 pictures in a row), we stood in a line, I pushed the camera button, it took 10 pictures, we looked at it and saw it looked amazing, and then immediately the camera died. HA! WHEW! We got what we needed.

We all piled back into the car, drove to the church, and only made it there 20 minutes late. What a whirlwind!

And of course, we won best family costume!!

We got home that night and since we’d had no time or camera battery to take individual pictures of our costumes, we touched up everyone’s makeup (since we’d eaten dinner) and took some individual pictures in the dining room that’s currently decorated for Halloween. What a night.



My Skeleton Costume

PW’s Skeleton Costume: 


Black and white face paint 


skeleton couple
skeleton boy costume
skeleton boy costume
skeleton black maxi dress
skeleton boy costume
skeleton mens costume


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    what type of paint/ wall finish is that in your dining room? it is gorgeous

  2. What set are you wearing?

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