Our Colorful Kids Playroom in Our New House

This fun, colorful kids playroom with a really cool statement wall will make all your playroom dreams come true.

colorful bookshelf window seat and mural wall

We’re so excited to share our colorful kids playroom that we’ve been designing for the last few months! It’s a fun, interesting, and modern playroom, with lots of room to imagine, play, and create.


How we landed on a design for our kids playroom

Our kids playroom has been a total labor of love over the last few months. When we moved into the house at the end of July, we had design ideas for most of the areas in our home, but we could NOT decide on a good playroom design — I literally had no playroom ideas. I was just feeling really uninspired and kind of burned out of good ideas. It’s hard to design so many spaces at once!

Then, as I was search for inspiration, I ran across THIS IMAGE on HOOMDSGN and fell in love. I loved the idea of the statement wall mixed with an aztec style rug.

So I used that as a starting point, and set off to create a bright, colorful, unique playroom that we could all enjoy.

gold and green wall with white built in window seat
gold and green wall with blue gray couch and aztec rug
gold and green wall with blue gray couch and aztec rug

What we used for the gold and green statement wall

First, we painted the main wall “Roycroft Bottle Green” from Sherwin Williams, and then used Walls Need Love’s 1″ gold wallpaper stripes to create the design.

I know you’ll have more questions about it, so I’ll be doing a full tutorial on it soon. Stay tuned for that!


I actually don’t recommend this rug, but here are some others that look great

After the statement wall was done, we purchased the kids playroom rug. We’ve had it for a few months, and we decided we don’t like it. The woven material isn’t comfortable, and the rug is thin and easily bunches up and moves around the room. So we plan to replace it soon.

But I’ve linked some more rugs below that would be great as a kids playroom rug with the same aztec vibe!


flower kids artwork gallery wall and bistro table set
flower kids floating bookshelves
colorful bookshelf window seat and mural wall
built in window seat and bookshelf
playroom wood and white metal bistro table and chairs

The Flower Kids line at Walmart helped give me the playroom ideas I was looking for

With the wall and the rug done (before we decided to switch the rug), I was once again completely stuck. The room didn’t feel very “little kid,” and I wanted storage, color, and whimsy that the current room was not providing.

Then I discovered Drew Barrymore’s new home decor line in Walmart, and instantly fell in love. Have you guys seen it? It’s full of cute, colorful, unique pieces for kids of all ages.

It brought just the fun and whimsical vibe to the room while still feeling modern and cool. I ordered a few pieces and after the room just came together perfectly.

The line is called Flower Kids, and it has adorable artwork that I used to create a really fun gallery wall in the art corner of the room. The colors tie in the bright primary colors of the LEGO storage, and the richer colors tie in the colors of the statement wall and the rug.

These are the pieces of art we used for our playroom gallery wall




Kids playroom storage is a must, and this is what we did

We knew we wanted some storage for art supplies, books, LEGO creations, and of course the thousands of LEGOs we already own. So we hired a local carpenter to make a built in around our window with drawers, shelves, and a window seat.


A breakdown of the kids playroom storage we had custom built

There are four large drawers across the bottom that store art supplies, puzzles, board games, card games, and more.

We also had the carpenter build the square shelving to perfectly fit two stacked LEGO bins, and it also fits our DUPLO baskets perfectly. These shelves will also be used to display their LEGO creations AND their books. I’m sure the placement and content of these shelves will constantly change and adapt.

For our LEGO storage, we used THESE PLASTIC BINS. I love that they have the hooks that secure the lid nicely.


Details of the window seat in the playroom

And of course, the window seat. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a window seat, and this was one spot we could make it happen. I debated making a cushion for the seat, but ultimately decided not to (I may change my mind in the future) and just do a bunch of pillows.

These are the pillows I put on the window seat (and also on the couch).



As a family of readers, we needed a playroom reading corner

And finally, I wanted a little “reading corner” where the boys could sit and we could read together. I bought THESE FLOOR CUSHIONS, and put up two little darling FLOATING SHELVES from the Flower Kids line. It’s a perfect cozy corner for reading!


I’m so thrilled with how this room turned out. It feels fun and happy, is easy to find and store things, and feels age appropriate for our 3, 7, and 9 year old.

I’ve linked everything in the widget below, but if you have any other questions, leave a comment!




photos by Aubrey Stock
this post was sponsored by Walmart



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