The Best WFH and Office Gifts For Women

Need a cute office gift for women who want to elevate their workspace? Or a work-from-home gal who needs some tools to make life easier? Here are some great ideas!

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Blue Light Glasses- I have used these glasses for years and they have reduced my headaches after looking at a screen all day.

Diffuser- Working from home can be stressful and one thing that I love to do is create an office that I want to work in.  If you know someone who loves oils and diffusing, this beautiful diffuser would be a great gift for an oil lover.

Pebble Ice Maker- I love having my Stanley and drinking water throughout the day.  Having Pebble ice with my water is one of my favorite secrets! Its the little things when you work from home!

Foot Rest- I have had back problems over the last year and I know that so many people suffer from aches and pains after sitting at the computer all day.  This foot rest would be a good gift to help alleviate back pain by raising your feet.

Tumbler- Always drinking water is a must for me.  I love my Stanley but the sleek modern lines of this water bottle are so pretty.

Back Massager with Heater- This is similar to gifting the foot rest. Anything that can relieve the aches and pains of sitting at a desk all day are the perfect gift!

Heated Mug- I don't always drink hot drinks, but in the winter when its cold, I love drinking a good herbal tea.  This mug will keep my tea warm no matter how long I take to drink it.  If you are a hot drink person or know someone who it, you know this is such a great gift! H0t drinks always! Yes!

Single Serve- K- Cup Brewer- This will brew hot chocolate, tea or even coffee.  Its a single cup and can fit in the office instead of the kitchen if you like to have your drinks close! and after you make your drink keep it warm in a great heated mug from above!

Cozy Set- I got myself this set about a month ago and have loved it.  It runs small, so order 1-2 sizes up.  It is so comfortable and give the look of being put together and cozy!


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