Now that I have kids, I’m getting more and more into holiday decorating. The more festive our house, the more magical it all feels, and I love seeing that magic in their faces and helping them anticipate the holidays. But it’s also challenging to find decorations that are classic and beautiful but aren’t breakable, right? So today let’s do a super easy and non breakable, but super beautiful holiday project — no-sew snowflake placemats!

I love these because they’re easy to make, but also can be customized a million different ways — try different colors, different sizes, and of course different snowflake patterns! And you don’t have to use them just for placements — put a few of them end to end in the center of your table to make runner, or do smaller ones and hang them from the ceiling or attach to your windows as decorations. The possibilities are endless! Plus, it’s a fun project for your kids to do — they’ll definitely come up with unique snowflake ideas.

click through to find the super easy instructions!

– plain white felt
– fine tip marker or pen
– sharp scissors
– exacto knie
-mod podge and sponge brush
Step 1. Use a large plate or another circular object as a pattern to draw out and cut a large circle of felt. Make it big enough so a few inches of it are viewable when it’s set under a plate on the table. 

Step 2. Determine your snowflake pattern and use your marker to sketch out the pattern on the felt. Then use the exacto knife and scissors to cut the snowflake out. Tip: use a piece of paper to create the snowflake pattern first, and then draw or cut it out using the paper pattern. 

As you get farther along, fold over sections of the cut snowflake and trace around them to cut other sections of the snowflake. This makes it go super quickly!

Step 3. Once your snowflake is completely cut, brush a layer of mod podge over one entire side to make it stiff and sturdy. Lay flat to dry overnight, and you’re done!

this post was created in partnership with Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Crafts


  1. sandyalamode says:

    seriously, so jealous of your talent!!!

  2. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    These place mats are so fun! I wish we weren’t in the middle of moving right now so I could decorate for christmas!


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