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I just put some new stuff up on my other art blog. Go check it out!


Also, I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. I know what I want to do with the cut and color, but completely sure what I want to do with the bangs…

#1: Shorter
#2: Piece-ier
#3: Blended

Which one??


  1. Janssen says:

    I should lose my status as a girl, since all of those bangs look the same to me.

  2. Ashley says:

    I think they look the same too:)
    B. is a little longer- which I actually don’t like as much.

  3. Packrat says:

    Truthfully – none of them. What is wrong with your hair the way it is? Maybe have some length taken off. No color change either, unless you absolutely must…

  4. Miriam says:

    I clicked on to say they look the same to me too – and here that’s what Janssen and Ashley said also – I thought I must be really dumb, now I feel better (we can both keep our status as girls, Janssen!)I’m sure you’ll look beautiful no matter what you decide – when you start out pretty it’s hard to mess up! And Packrat – sometimes you just need a change (I’m thinking of cutting my hair short and I KNOW that will be a mistake, have always regretted going short afterwards!)

  5. Packrat says:

    PS Miriam brought this to light. Change is good, but I didn’t care for those cuts. I didn’t mean to sound degrading. I should have pointed out that I think that you are beautiful as you are.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Well, I’m all for change. Ask anyone of my immediate family or close friends and they’ll tell you I can’t live very long with the same hairstyle. I’ve had all 3 on one level or another. I wouldn’t recommend #2, it drove me crazy with hair constantly in my eyes. #1 or #3 would be beautiful on you. Good luck! Post pictures afterward.

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