My Mother’s Day Weekend Plans + The Mattress that Took Away My Back Pain

Partnership with Allswell Home

Photography by Priscilla Frey

reading aloud with my kids

Something Philip and I decided on a few years ago was to give more EXPERIENCE gifts. I mean, obviously I love flowers or a new pair of shoes (and he does great on those too), but sometimes an experience like a trip, or a date, or a whole day to myself is the best kind of gift.

And with Mother’s Day this weekend, how about the gift of….an entire day in bed.

I’m pretty sure breakfast in bed, cuddles from my boys, reading a book, taking a nap, and just lounging around sounds like the best kind of Mother’s Day gift anyone could receive.

I’ve teamed up with Allswell Home today to share their fun Mother’s Day campaign, called “Ban the Brunch,” and it’s all about skipping that fancy brunch or dinner this weekend, and instead just staying in bed and RELAXING. 

jumping on the bed with our new Allswell Mattress
obsessed with our new mattress - within three days all my back pain was gone!
my favorite way to spend mother's day
our allswell mattress is what dreams are made of
playing on the bed

But staying in bed all day is only good when you have a good mattress, right?

They sent us their super highly rated mattress and some new sheets, and never have I wanted to stay in bed all day as much as I have on this mattress.

We used their White Glove Mattress Removal service to get rid of our old pillow top mattress, and replaced it with their Allswell Luxe Classic, Firmer Medium-Firm Hybrid Mattress.

Philip and I have both been experiencing some back and neck pain over the last few months, and after a week of sleeping on our Allswell Mattress, both of our back pain has completely gone away. It’s comfortable and soft, but has crazy good support. Seriously, I feel better than I have in months. I didn’t expect that, but gosh I feel grateful.

They also have a less firm option, RIGHT HERE, and although I haven’t personally tried it, it gets rave reviews if you need something less firm.

We also got the Allswell Percale Sheets, and they’re so lightweight, cool, and crisp without being crunchy.

Sometimes those mattress that come in a box can be a little daunting, especially if you can’t test them out before you buy, but Allswell has you covered there too. They have a 100-night trial which means you can return it, no questions asked, within 100 nights of purchase.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, we highly recommend Allswell. And staying in bed all day 😉

relaxing the entire day on my allswell mattress

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  1. Meghan says:

    We are literally mattress shopping this week. I can’t decide between a bed-in-a-box type or a regular spring mattress, but this one seems like the best of both worlds. Definitely checking this out!!

  2. Paige Flamm says:

    We just got a new mattress and it has been life changing. after 7 years on terrible beds, our new one is like heaven.


  3. Julie says:

    Can you share where the frames behind your bed are from?

  4. Sarah says:

    do you use a duvet or the “Three Sheet Method”? It looks totally lovely and relaxing (which is an Amazing Feat with Children)!

  5. Emeli says:

    I also had back pain. I even went to the doctor for advice. After that, I just bought myself a new mattress and blankets and everything was fine. I am currently reading articles by Michael Mangan, Ph.D, which describes the importance of healthy sleep for a person and how it can be achieved.

  6. Denial says:

    Hi, great advice, thank you. I also recently bought a new mattress with which I will have a healthy sleep. It’s very important to me. I read reviews on the website that really helped me make a choice!

  7. Elysha says:

    Love! WhaT paint colour is on the walls?

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