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Ever since B went to school a couple years ago, it’s been just Fos and me at home in the mornings. Although a lot of these mornings involve errands or laundry, having this one on one time with him for a few hours every day has given us such a special relationship. Every few days I try to do something fun just for him, like take him to the park, grab donuts, take him to the library, or pick up lemonade and cookies. I’m feeling all sappy about the fact that in just a few weeks he won’t be my baby anymore, so I’m trying to soak up every second of it before this baby arrives.

Right now Old Navy is having a huge sale and since they’re my favorite place for kids clothes, I stocked up on a few new things for spring. Everything Fos is wearing is on sale, and he’s killing me with cuteness in this little lightweight hoodie and those boat shoes (definitely size up cause they’re snug)! Also I’ll let you in on a little tip — I buy girls jeans for Fos almost exclusively! I love him in little skinny jeans, and there are so many good options in the girls section. Plus they’re on sale right now for only $12.

Of course while I was in the store I couldn’t resist some of their new arrivals for me. I’m loving all the light pink hues for spring, and this linen blend tee is perfectly slouchy and comfortable (I’ll definitely be wearing it post baby in a few weeks). There are also so many good spring jackets, and this one I’m wearing comes in green and khaki. I’m also obsessed with this bomber style one that I just added to my closet too.

Check out everything in their kids sale and site wide sale right here!

thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post! | photos by rad and happy 


  1. Natali says:

    Awww, super cute photos! Your little man is such a charmer!
    I like your bag and jeans very much.

  2. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I bought my son the same hoodie last week and I agree, it’s adorable!


  3. Meghan says:

    OMG he is absolutely adorable and I love your bag!!!

  4. I had been eyeing that jacket for awhile, nice to see it on a real person (beyond the ON models). I was admiring your shoes…until I realized I own the exact pair…after I saw it here last summer. Maybe I can recreate when it’s a little warmer here!

  5. oh my gosh he is adorable! it’s so great you get to spend one on one time with your little man =o) so precious

  6. katelyn ryan says:

    i was just trying to order this jacket yesterday! their site has been funny, so i hope they still have my size now!

  7. Erin Huss says:

    I love your site and snatch all of your ideas! 🙂 What size shirt did you get for this flowy pink top? And, also, the black/white stripe shirt you swear by from H&M…

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