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Here are a few more things that I’ve been working on during my Figure painting class this semester:

Notice a different on this painting? My teacher felt that the blocks in the background were taking over, so I painted over them. I think that the three sections make the painting a lot more interesting.

This was a seven day painting we did in class. I’m actually pretty happy about how it turned out cause two days before it was due, I realized that his head was WAY too small, so I quickly had to repaint the entire head in the last two days. I think it turned out pretty good!

This was a two-day direct painting that I did in class. Everyone says this is their favorite of my paintings. Very gestural, according to them…

This is another seven day painting, but this was a grisaille painting (meaning just black and white) instead of a full color one. If we had time at the end we could have put color on it, but I didn’t have time.

I still have Crawford’s painting and my self portrait from this class that I haven’t put on here, but those are at the school. I’ll put them up here soon. Right now I have some illustrating to do..



  1. Are the two of the girl in the “swimsuit?” from a live model? I’m just wondering – BYU is so strict I was just surprised to see that. I guess any other school might have nude so…. beautifully done! I always thought it would be intersting to try and draw the human body, but never actually tried.

  2. Yep, all three – the two girls and one boy are all from live models that came into our class and posed for us. BYU has the girl models wear bikini’s and the boy models wear speedos. That’s a rarity because everywhere else there are “undraped” models.

  3. Julie Beck says:

    Hey Merrick, your art work is amazing.
    Yes, Janine did work at the skating rick. I told her I knew you and she wants to contact you b/c she says she has some old paychecks!!!
    Her email is: [email protected]
    (they are moving monday, so you might want email her soon)

  4. Hey! We just moved to GA for the summer. Josh has an internship this summer in Atlanta. Sorry we weren’t better about doing things while we were in the ward. Are y’all still there? What are your summer plans?

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