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Well finals are virtually over…I have one more scheduled one on Wednesday night, but basically just have to show up. So I’m pretty much done! It was sort of a stressful weekend, but a good sleep-in this morning and even an afternoon nap today and I’m good as new.

So I thought that since I’ve finished all my projects that I’d share a few with you. There are some that I didn’t take pictures of since the paint was still wet, so I’ll post those sometime later. But here are several of the ones that I turned in on Friday for my Figure painting class:

As you can tell from this photo, I did a little block design in the back. My teacher said I should just do it a solid color since it was a frontal portrait, but c’mon…boring.

I’ve already posted a picture of this one on here and haven’t changed the paint at all, but you might have noticed that I chopped it. It used to be rectangular shaped, but I chopped off the whole right side. Looks MUCH better.

Please don’t even look through my archives and check out the progress I made on this photo…I’m embarrassed of the first draft cause poor Deborah looked like a mutant. She looks much better now 🙂

I just added a little background on this one, trying to make it similar to Philip’s. Unfortunately I can only do a good thing one time apparently, cause this one looks kind of lame. Maybe I’ll do it over when I get chance.

I have nothing to say about this portrait except that it continues to be my favorite. I never repainted the shirt – I just ran out of time. But I’ll get to that some day so it doesn’t look like he’s in a permanent shirt-cocoon.

I was trying to post the updated version of Landen’s portrait because I changed it and love it so so much, but it has been saying “Uploading” for the past 15 minutes. So I’m giving up. I have more stuff that I’ll post tomorrow, so that will go in that pile. For now, enjoy these.



  1. Bart says:

    It’s fun to see these, MB. I like how you did my left eye! 🙂

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