Art Work

I’ve been on such an art high lately that I’ve suddenly crashed. I’m so tired and I’m so sick of drawing and sick of painting. Unfortunately this is the big push til the end. Pray for me that I’ll make it.

Right now I have to keep working on a drawing, but here’s some paintings that I worked on last week. Although they’re not finished, I’m really happy with how they’re going so far. What do you think?





  1. Nina G says:

    These are so GOOD! Are they oil? Crawford didn’t know what I was looking at, but knew instantly who both men were. I’m always amazed how talented you are. Especially since I can’t draw a stick figure well. . .

  2. Wow! Great job! Good luck with your projects….it’s tough to keep going with you’ve lost motivation and mood, that’s when true talent shines through ….that would be YOU!

  3. WOW! you’re amazing! i think they’re both awesome! you are truly talented Merrick 🙂

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