Less Is More

blazer: f21, white t-shirt: target, jeans: abercrombie (altered), heels: target (same shoe, different color), watch: dillards (gift from Philip)
A couple times a week, I babysit my friend’s baby girl. We don’t have a totally set schedule, and yesterday, just as I was about to venture out for photos (just moments after Peanut went down for his nap), she showed up. So here we are, inside, taking photos. Seeing these inside photos compared to my outside photos makes me even more brave about going outside, cause DUDE…it’s worth it for the way better photos. 
ANYWAY, today’s challenge over at Kayla’s blog, was to channel someone. She gave lots of good inspiration ideas from Disney characters, to Audrey Hepburn, to even Amelia Earheart, but none of them really stuck out for me. Finally, after lots of brainstorming sessions, and lots of tried and failed outfits, I decided to channel Jennifer Aniston. She has one of those styles that is simple, classic, and so effortless. I sometimes feel like, as a fashion blogger, I have to really push myself with all my outfits — an outfit isn’t complete without at least three layers, or a huge stack of bracelets, or mixed patterns. But this made me remember that simple style is classic for a reason, and occasionally less really is more. 
Whenever I think of Jennifer, I think of this outfit, so that’s what I went with (despite the fact that it forced me to wear my blazer once again — although I’ve actually only worn it one other time this week since yesterday’s photos were taken back in December). And what do you know? I felt really put together all day, even though this is the most basic outfit I’ve worn in a long time. 


  1. Faith says:

    Looks great, the shoes really take it up a notch! The simplicity of it really is lovely. 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Sometimes simplicity is key! It's perfect for those days when you don't want to go all-out. And it looks great!

  3. blazer + tee + skinny jeans = one of my favorites outfits EVER. I love it on you! All of your pieces are beautiful and their fit is great on you. You look so chic and effortless!


  4. RA says:

    You can't beat classics that fit well. Good on you!

  5. emandtrev says:

    You look fantastic, as always. Love it!

  6. Rachel says:

    I love it! I know what you mean–most fashion blogs I look at have great, creative outfits, but they're not something I feel like I could (or would) wear . . . too many layers or patterns or whatever. They're cute and I love them and I admire their creativity, but they're usually not something I'd use in my own daily wear. This, on the other hand, is so classic and lovely and simple. Something I would absolutely want to wear in real life!

  7. Kate says:

    This is definitely Jen- lovely, simple staples worn with grace. Very chic!

  8. kim says:

    Really great outfit. I need a blazer. I searched all over the thrift store I went to and couldn't find one even worth altering. Search still on.

    PS I totally channeled you today. 😉

  9. So true! Less sometimes really is more!

  10. Great look! So simple and fresh, but looks soooo nice.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Yes! How creative! I love this, and totally agree with less is more. Beautiful!

  12. yellowvoices says:

    cute!! i love your blog & style. and those shoes are so adorable. i love the shape of them!

  13. Kelly Jo says:

    You can never go wrong channelling Jen. Love the heels btw – I almost bought those at Target the other day and I have no idea why I decided not to. I think I was in a hurry. Now I know I need them, lol

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