In Which I Almost Get My Very First Broken Bone

So yeah…remember that time that I mentioned I sprained my foot? What I actually should have said was that I thought I sprained my foot. The only thing I’ve ever sprained was my finger, and to be completely honest I’m not sure it was that either. It happened in the swimming pool when I was twelve or thirteen, and it may have just been a jam. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not too familiar with injuries. None of my siblings have ever broken a bone, or really gotten any major physical injuries, so I’m totally naive when it comes to this kind of thing.

When this foot pain had gone on for two weeks and was getting progressively worse every day, I decided it was time to visit the podiatrist. And after a little foot inspection from the Dr. and a few x-rays, it was determined that I have a stress fracture in my third metatarsal.

Now I’m not sure how I got the stress fracture in the first place…I haven’t been on my feet any more than usual and I haven’t been doing any strenuous exercises. But once the fracture was there, I then walked a million miles around Texas in the most supportive shoes possible (not those ones exactly, but similar) which just added to the problem.

The doctor said if I continued to walk, jump, and run on it, it very well could have completely broken within four weeks, resulting in surgery. (!!!)

So here I am…stuck in this beauty of a shoe for the next three weeks, with instructions to lay low and walk as little as possible.

And to add insult to injury, I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. I’m going to be one hot mess.



  1. aw you poor girl! hope your foot starts feeing better and if your wisdom teeth experience is anything like mine then you have nothing to worry about! just eat ice cream for 5 days straight and you'll be as good as new 🙂

  2. Janssen says:


    Bart went in and got his ankle x-rayed on Tuesday night because it was looking worse and worse and getting more painful. Turned out it really was just sprained (although the doctor and nurse were both surprised when the x-rays showed no breaks because it looked SO bad – his toes were completely purple). He's got a nice little boot too (although not as serious as yours – he can wear a shoe over it).

  3. Camille says:

    At least with the wisdom teeth you can have Jamba Juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 🙂
    …and Orange Julius…and ice cream…

  4. Packrat says:

    Poor you! Get it all over with at once, tho, and do get as much rest as possible.

  5. kaila sue says:

    Oh man! You're falling apart! joking! But seriously, what a bummer! Good luck with the wisdom teeth! It's movies and ice cream for you!

  6. Brit says:

    I love your little boot. It's like the little black dress of walking casts… small and mysterious. Time to go 'bling it out'!! Haha.

    And I'm sure your wisdom teeth will come out like butter and your cute little chipmunk cheeks will be gone in no time. xoxo!!

  7. Steph says:

    Hi Merrick. My name is Stephanie and you and I did a pretty freaking amazing ice skating performance to Josh Groban once upon a time.
    Found your blog through Leanne's, which I found through a skirt tutorial link on a blog called "How About Orange" …which I follow because I love orange.
    And that's the story.
    Thought I'd say hi! Your baby is adorable! Congratulations on the success you are having in art. Good luck with the foot. 🙂

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