Husband and Me: Four Things About Us

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Outfit Details:

Me: Madewell Sweater, Madewell Jeans, Similar Leather Ankle Boots, Similar Crossbody Bag

Him: Half Zip Cashmere Sweater (more affordable version here and here), Button Down Shirt, Hudson Jeans, Allen Edmond Shoes

Next month, Philip and I are celebrating our eleven year anniversary. I was thinking about it the other day and it just hit me how long eleven years is. It’s kind of blowing my mind how fast the time has gone.

I don’t share a lot about him on the blog, but today I wanted to give a little peek into our lives and share four random things about him and me.

They say opposites attract, and we’re very opposite in a lot of ways, but it’s the kind of opposite that complements each other. We make a good team.

dark hues for date night
this neutral crossbody bag is perfect for date night
four random things about us
dark jewel tones for date night
his and hers Nordstrom jeans for date night
easy layering for men from Nordstrom
date night style for couples
four random things about my husband and me

He’s an absolute clean freak. Everything has an exact place and positioning, and if a book isn’t lined up on the shelf or a pillow isn’t in the proper order on the couch, it drives him nuts and he has to fix it. And he vacuums almost every day. I’m a recovering clutter-holic. I like stacks, and my office and closet are always a mess. Thankfully I just close the doors to those spaces and he lets them be.

We’re major foodies. Neither of us are picky at all, and we love trying out new restaurants. But I’m really bad at ordering (it stresses me out and I always make a bad last minute decision), so every time we go out together I make him order our food and then we share.

He’s just as into fashion as I am. He collects designer ties, he loves a really good tailored suit, and he’s obsessed with shoes. I rarely pick out clothes for him anymore, but we do love to stop in at Nordstrom on date nights occasionally and we’ll walk through the mens section to look at things. For fall and winter, this half zip sweater is one of his top picks (perfect for layering over a t-shirt or button down), and Allen Edmonds are one of his absolute favorite brands of dress shoes. These are my favorite!

His dream job is to be a hotel critic. We both grew up traveling, so seeing the world is really important to us and we always have the itch to get out of town, and one of his favorite parts is staying in a really awesome hotel. I never understood this, but after ten years of traveling with him, I’ve come to realize that it really is such a huge part of our experience wherever we go.


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