A Few Tips for How to Store Your Clothes (to keep them in good shape)

closet with shoe shelves

Wondering the best way to store your clothes? Here is a breakdown of how I store and care for my clothes. 


I always get asked how I store my clothes – what items I hang, what I fold, how to keep pieces looking in tip-top shape, and how I store out-of-season items.


How to Store Your Clothes

SWEATERSFold your sweaters. Your sweaters are delicate and can easily get bumps in them from hangers, even soft satin hangers. So sweaters are best folded up nicely and stored on a shelf or in a drawer. I store mine on a shelf.

T-SHIRTST-shirts can be folded or hung up. I fold mine and put them in a drawer since they’re casual and I have lots of them, and having them all hung up would take a lot of hanging space. So folding is best for me!

DRESSES: They should always be hung! This also avoids having to steam or iron them quite as much.

JACKETS and COATS: Jackets and coats should also always be hung. This helps them keep their shape and keep from getting crumpled.

JEANS. Jeans can be folded or hung or rolled, and can be on a shelf, in a hanging space, or in a drawer. In our old house in Texas, I rolled mine and keep them in a drawer, since that worked best for my closet space. Now I fold them and stack them on a shelf in my new closet in Missouri.

PANTSDress pants are best hung up because this keeps them from getting crumpled and needing to be ironed more. Fold them carefully over a hanger. If you don’t have the hanging space, carefully fold them in a drawer or on a shelf.

LEGGINGS AND JOGGERS. For me, these get stored in a drawer, rolled up. They hold their shape and don’t get very wrinkled, so they’re easy to store in a rolled up space!

BRAS AND OTHER UNDERCLOTHINGI store these in a drawer so they stay more dust free, and stack my bras on top of each other without other items around them so they don’t get smashed or lose their shape. Slips and undergarments get rolled up and put in divider bins inside the drawer.

SHOES: Shoes are best on shelves where they are not stacked on top of each other to get smashed or dirty. I will stack my sandals together sometimes, flipping one around and sliding it inside the other so they can stack and take up less space, but besides that, everything stays next to each other in pairs, side by side. I use a BOOT SHAPER LIKE THIS for my taller boots so they stand up on their own and keep their shape.

SCARVES: I roll or fold these up and put them in a drawer so they stay more free from dust.

BAGS. I don’t have a great system for bags, honestly. They should be kept in dust bags, but I like to display them, so I put some on a shelf. I also have some on hooks in our mudroom, and some stacked in smaller shelves side by side. If you have good recommendations for bag storage, I’m all ears!

JEWELRY. I keep most of it in a jewelry drawer with an insert divider LIKE THIS. It keeps things really organized and easy to find. Necklaces should be hung so they don’t get tangled or damaged.

Anything else that you’re unsure about? Let me know in the comments!


How I store my off-season clothes

I love storing my off season clothes so they don’t clutter up my closet with current season items, and it’s easier to see what I have. It also allows me to sift through my closet twice a year when I’m switching seasons, and get rid of anything that I don’t wear or love or is damaged. I have a whole post HERE about cleaning out your closet if you need help!

I store my off-season clothing in large storage containers LIKE THIS!

I don’t really sort my off season clothing by bin, although that would be great too, but I just pull it all off my shelves and put it in the bins as it fits.

I hope that’s helpful!





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    Storing clothes properly is key! Fold sweaters and t-shirts, hang dresses and coats. For jeans, pants, and leggings, choose between folding or hanging. Keep shoes on shelves and scarves in drawers. Store off-season clothes in storage containers to declutter closets.

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