How to Put Together the Perfect Fall Outfit in 4 Easy Steps

fall outfit in four steps

This easy outfit combination makes for the perfect fall outfit. Dark jeans, ankle boots, a cozy sweater, and a felt hat. Try it!


Aerie Sweater (wearing size XS – runs very big!)
Mott and Bow Jeans (TTS)
Lace up side ankle boots
Felt Hat (sold out, similar HERE)

Here’s a really helpful closet hack to help you put together better outfits more quickly

I like to come up with easy outfit combinations that I can toss on quickly and know I’ll feel comfortable, confident, and put together. This fall outfit is the perfect example.

One really easy outfit combination for fall that you can put together in four steps is this:

Chunky Sweater + Dark Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots + Felt Hat

four steps to a perfect fall outfit
fall outfit in four easy steps

Let’s break it down, piece by piece.

1. Dark Skinny Jeans

Dark wash skinny jeans are a no-fail option for me. They’re flattering, go with everything, and the dark wash gives off a cold weather vibe. I wear them all fall and winter long and they’re my go-to.

THIS PAIR FROM MOTT + BOW are one of my very favorite pairs, and I’ve worn them for the last year and a half. They’ve gotten so much good use!


2. Next, a chunky, cozy sweater

When it comes to chunky sweaters, I have and love lots of different ones. I shared a bunch of really great CHUNKY SWEATERS IN THIS BLOG POST.


mott and bow jeans and aerie sweater for fall
an easy fall outfit


3. Ankle boots are a fall staple

As far as ankle boots go, I’ve got you covered there too. I wrote a whole post last year about ANKLE BOOTS, which ones to buy, how to style them, and more. It’s a post you won’t want to miss!



4. Don’t forget the accessory — a perfect felt fedora hat

I used to feel so weird about hats, but then I found one that fit my head and my coloring and then I just decided to rock it. Yeah, sure, people make comments sometimes, and my husband thinks they look ridiculous. But I love them and rock them all the time. Especially during the fall. The key to wearing them is confidence.

I’ve linked a few favorites below.



Now go put these four pieces together in whatever variety you’d like and get yourself ready for fall!


photos by Aubrey Stock


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